Super Mario Odyssey: Here’s How To Break Moon Blocks | Post-Game Guide

While exploring the varied kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey, you’ve probably stumped upon one of those big gray, featureless cubes stuck in the ground. Those are Moon Blocks, and they don’t seem to serve any purpose on your first visit to a kingdom. The Moon Blocks hide a pretty big secret, and it’s worth it to break every single one of these things. Why? You’ll get a mess of extra Moons to collect.

Super Mario Odyssey gets rid of stars, replacing those shiny collectibles with glowing Power Moons. You’ll scrounge through every corner of the kingdoms in search of moons, and some of them are pretty tricky to find. You can even collect a grand total of 999 Moons — which is totally insane, but that’s only with the help of Crazy Cap store purchases. The grand total, without extra in-game purchases, is a staggering 880. That’s still a mind-boggling number of Moons, and you’ll need Moon Blocks to even get close to that giant number.

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How to Break Moon Blocks | Post-Game Guide

Like the title implies, Moon Blocks can only be broken after completing the main story. After defeating Bowser and watching the credits, you’ll be able to go on a return trip to the kingdoms you’ve already visited. There’s a good reason to do that too.

  • To break Moon Blocks…
    • Return to kingdoms after completing the story. Look in the sky for a bright beacon — these lead you to the Moon Block.
    • Throw Cappy at the Moon Block to shatter it.

When a Moon Block breaks, more Power Moons are scattered throughout the kingdom! That means you’ll have even more challenges to unlock for every single kingdom in the game. Some of these are pretty tough too. Strap on your jumping boots, Mario, because you’re not done collecting moons just yet.


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