Super Mario Odyssey: How To Access 2 Extra, Bonus Kingdoms | Secrets Guide

After completing the main story in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll still find tons of extra stuff to do. You can travel around, collecting moons and exploring areas you missed, search for collectibles, or revisit locations you’ve completed to see what’s sprouted up after defeating the main bosses during the story campaign. All that is great, but there are two super-secret bonus Kingdoms you can acces after Bowser is down for the count — and here’s how to unlock them.

Before I go on, let’s get this out of the way. There are going to be spoilers ahead — if you don’t really care, then let’s continue.

After finishing the main story, you’ll be able to unlock two extra Kingdoms. These are the most challenging kingdoms, and both take place on the Dark Side of the Moon. The two kingdoms, in order, are; Dark Side and Darker Side, and they’re both more dangerous areas filled with Broodal rabbits. Infact, this is where they live! Who knew these secret kingdoms would be so important for Super Mario Odyssey lore.

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How To Access 2 Extra, Bonus Kingdoms | Secrets Guide

The two bonus kingdoms can only be accessed after completing the main story.

  • How To Unlock the Bonus Kingdoms:
    • The Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom: Collect 250 moons.
    • The Darker Side of the Moon Kingdom: Collect 500 moons.

After you collect the correct amount of moons, the bonus kingdoms will appear on your world map. Simply travel to the location after it appears and you’re free to start exploring.

  • For completing the kingdoms, you’ll even earn some fancy rewards!
    • Complete Dark Side to unlock the King Outfit.
    • Complete Darker Side to unlock the Invisible Outfit.


Finding 250 / 500 moons is going to be pretty difficult. You’ll have to search every world, complete every puzzle, and really explore to get that many. Return to kingdoms you’ve completed — after defeating the boss, lots of new optional tasks will unlock. Don’t forget to smash those moon blocks! They’re marked on your map in each kingdom — that’s about 20 moons per kingdom.

You can also purchase moons from shops. Each moon costs 100 coins, so if you’re a hungry coin hunter and have tons of extra cash to spare, you can purchase packs of 10 moons for 1,000 coins. That’ll (hopefully) get unlocking those bonus zones faster.

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