Super Mario Odyssey: All Captain Toad Locations | Collectibles Guide

The irrepressible Captain Toad is on a journey — after getting his very own game, he’s back as a cameo in Super Mario Odyssey, and he’s decided to hide himself in many (but not all) of the kingdoms.

Maybe it’s his undeniable love of treasure, or his natural proclivity to tiny alcoves of worlds you’ll never see without a whole lot of searching, but all the Captain Toad locations are pretty hidden. If you’re looking to find all of Captain Toad’s hiding spots, we’ve got the full list of 14 locations in the complete guide below.

There’s a very good reason to track down Captain Toad in Super Mario Odyssey. He’ll give Mario those valuable moons. If you want to earn them all, you’ll have to find every Captain Toad hiding place.

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All Captain Toad Locations | Collectibles Guide

Captain Toad appears in 14 kingdoms, and always hides himself in a pretty secretive spot. Let’s find him together.


Cap Kingdom:

  • Captain Toad #1: Return to Cap Kingdom after reaching Cascade Kingdom and you’ll find Captain Toad on top of Top-Hat Tower. You can climb it, or just warp directly to the flag.

Cascade Kingdom:

  • Captain Toad #2: Defeat the very first boss of Cascade Kingdom, then return to the boss arena. From the entrance, check out the left side of the area and drop onto the platform with the giant metal block. There’s another platform even further below — drop again to find Captain Toad.

Sand Kingdom:

  • Captain Toad #3: This time, Captain Toad is hiding under the sand dunes. From the starting town, go right to the Oasis and possess a Lakitu so you can start fishing. Fly over to the dunes where there are several cacti and cast your line to catch the biggest shadow silhouette in the sand. That’s Captain Toad, and if you catch him, you’ll collect him.

Lake Kingdom:

  • Captain Toad #4: Captain Toad is deep underwater in this kingdom. Go to the Water Plaza with the mermaid — make sure to possess a Cheep Cheep, too — and dive under the waves. Dive all the way to the bottom until you find Toad staring at glowing rocks on the lake bed.

Wooded Kingdom:

  • Captain Toad #5: Return to this kingdom after defeating both bosses, then take a trip back to the Secret Flower Field Entrance warp flag. When you warp in, immediately turn around and run down to the platforms leading to the Observation Deck. From here, you can possess a flying enemy and swoop on over to Toad’s location, visible at the end of a floating dock.

Lost Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #6: After recollecting Cappy, take Mario down past the weird spinning columns and possess a caterpillar. Get through the poison bog and reach the stumps in the back-right, behind the huge tree. Eventually, you’ll find a tiny square hole in a green wall — extend and crawl inside to find a very hidden Captain Toad.

Metro Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #7: Naturally, Captain Toad is hiding pretty high in the sky in Metro Kingdom. Warp to the New Donk City Hall Plaza flag. Go around and behind the City Hall (left side) to find a giant stack of boxes. Smash your way through, then use the metal path to reach Captain Toad at the far end.

Snow Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #8: Defeat the boss to access the upper section of the kingdom. In the new area, run along the exterior wall until you find a small recess — toss Cappy inside to find a very chilly Captain Toad.

Seaside Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #9: Right at the start of the level (at the Odyssey ship), get Cappy to possess an octopus and launch across the platforms located behind the starting ship. Recharge your water reserves on the platform with a pool, then launch directly up. At the next platform, go left, then across the grassy fields, up a second time, and then follow the cliff around the winding cliff. Eventually you’ll reach Captain Toad, chilling out at his tent.

Luncheon Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #10: Captain Toad is located on a pink peak in the lava, and reaching him is a little tricky this time around. Reach the “Cookatiel Showdown” section, where Mario will need to reach some platforms. Possess a firey enemy while climbing the peaks, then drop back down and launch yourself to Captain Toad in the pink lava marshes. This is near the Peak Climb warp flag.

Bowser’s Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #11: On the Outer Wall area of the castle, go to the far right side of the map. You’ll find a rooftop with yellow blocks you can break, and look for a secretive little alcove on the roof tiles.

Moon Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #12: Finish the main story of the game, then return to the Odyssey in Moon Kingdom. For once, Captain Toad isn’t hiding! From your ship, spin around and jump over to the group of characters hanging out on a moon dune. Captain Toad is with them, and he’s really easy to find this time.

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #13: To get this Captain Toad, you’ll need to find Yoshi. The green lizard pal is hanging out on top of Peach’s Castle. Throw Cappy at the scarecrow behind the castle, use the new stairs, then break the bouncing egg to reveal Yoshi. Capture Yoshi for yourself, then check out the shop. Behind this shop, there’s a toadstool you can bounce on. Bounce up and use Yoshi’s bonus ability to reach the rooftop. Captain Toad is hiding on the shop roof.

Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom

  • Captain Toad #14: Captain Toad is already hanging around the Dark Side of the Moon, and you’ll need to defeat all four bosses before you can find him. Climb the big carrot, and right beside the fifth door, Captain Toad is hiding in a little secret alcove. That sneak!

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