Super Mario Odyssey: Here’s The Best Way To Farm Gold Coins Fast | Easy Moons Guide

Gold Coins are a valuable commodity in Super Mario Odyssey. No longer used for gaining lives, instead you’ll collect and use coins to purchase new outfits, music tracks, and moons from the Crazy Cap stores found in every kingdom. You can earn a ton of bonus moons this way — just trade your gold coins for moons at 100 coins a pop, or 1,000 coins for ten.

There are a handful of awesome gold locations fans have found so far, but we’ll add more if they’re discovered by the community. There’s never enough gold to go around, and if you want all those snazzy outfits and lots of moons to unlock the bonus kingdoms, you’re going to need plenty of coin. Here’s where to farm tons of the stuff.

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How To Farm Gold Coins Fast | Easy Moons Guide

Gold Coins can be used at the Crazy Cap store to unlock costumes for Mario, moons, and hearts. You’ll need plenty to afford moons, so here are the best locations to farm for plenty of coins.

Farming Method #1: Cap Kingdom

For this farming spot, you’ll be able to earn 72 coins per trip. Travel to the Central Plaza, then go through the Cap Door past the green viewfinder. Capture a frog, then swim right from the entrance — look for a tiny indentation in the wall.

Jump in to find 72 coins. To farm, all you have do to is exit, then re-enter. Keep going to get ask many coins as you want!

Farming Method #2: Cascade Kingdom

This method can net you up to 108 coins, total. Zap over to the Top of the Big Stump, and travel through the Cappy Door. It’s to the left of the stump, after jumping down to a platform on a hill. Through the door, capture the T-Rex and start stomping the hedgehogs that appear.

If you manage to smash them all, you’ll earn a Moon if you haven’t completed the challenge before. The moon won’t respawn, but the coins will. Leave the chamber and go back into to reset, and you can start stomping all over again.


Farming Method #3: Lost Kingdom

Here’s another method for 62 coins per run. Instead of finding a single location, you’ll need to make a circuit around the area. Warp to the Rocky Mountain Summit flag, and follow these steps.

  1. Grab 6 coins around the flag.
  2. Run through the plants around the palm tree for 8 coins.
  3. Collect the Power Moon (or missing Power Moon) on top of the palm tree for 5 coins.
  4. Drop down to the left of the Crazy Cap store, then drop down again to find another Power Moon. Collect it (or the empty vessel) for 5 more coins.
  5. Smash the wall-Mario for 10 coins nearby.
  6. Go towards the button platform — grab 3 coins on the way there.
  7. Ground pound the large button and grab 25 coins before the timer runs out.

In total, you can earn 62 coins if you follow that route. Not as much as the other two, but it’s quick and a little more active than the others. Exit the map and reset for another go.

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