Super Mario Odyssey: How To Answer Pauline’s Quiz & Find Her Present

While exploring New Donk City, the metropolis of Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll find a smartly-dressed Pauline over in the plaza. Instead of testing Mario’s platforming skills, Pauline will test your memory with a series of quiz questions — and when that’s all over, she’ll want a present too. If you’re lost and need a hint to help you complete Pauline’s quiz, we’ve got all the answers listed below.

After asking her questions (which are all about Pauline) you’ll have to track down a present, too. That’s a whole lot of work for someone that isn’t named Princess Peach. Don’t worry, you’ll get a reward for all your hard work. She won’t just take any present, and finding the right one can be a little tricky. Keep scrolling to get a bunch of quiz answers and the location for her prized present.

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How To Answer Pauline’s Quiz | Secrets Guide

When you encounter Pauline in New Donk City Plaza, she’ll ask a random assortment of questions. If there are any questions we missed, we’ll add them to the list below. 

  • Q: What do you think my hobby is?
    • A: Going on walks.
  • Q: Which of these things did I actually do a long time ago?
    • A: Captured by ape.
  • Q: How am I doing as mayor?
    • A: Fantastic!
  • Q: What is my most treasured possession?
    • A: A hat.
  • Q: What am I bad with?
    • A: Fixing machines.
  • Q: What kind of music do I like?
    • A: Peppy music.
  • Q: What do I just adore?
    • A: Cake.


After answering Pauline’s questions, she’ll send you on a quest to select the perfect present. To find it, travel to the Heliport flag, then go to the iron girders and drop to a platform — at the end, there’s a pink handbag surrounded by coins. Grab it and return to Pauline to collect your moon reward.

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