Super Mario Odyssey: All Musical Toad Locations | Collectibles Guide

No, this isn’t Captain Toad. This is Musical Toad — and he loves jamming out to the soundtrack of Super Mario Odyssey. To make this musically-inclined maniac give up his moons, you’ll have to collect the right OST tracks. The dancing fool won’t stop until you bring him the correct unlockable music sample.

After encountering the Musical Toad, he’ll request a piece of music. You can play music at any time in-game, but you’ll have to unlock them. Musical Toad’s requests are sort-of riddles, but we’ll reveal which tracks you’ll want to play to earn even more Super Mario Odyssey moons.

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All Musical Toad Locations | Collectibles Guide

After locating a Musical Toad, he’ll request a music track. Whatever he’s in the mood for, it’s usually pretty obvious, but we’ll list the type of track he’s looking for after each location explanation.


Desert Kingdom

  • Musical Toad #1: Get to the town, then use the flower behind the pots near the fountain to reach the rooftops. Possess the power lines and travel left, then straight (twice) to reach a rooftop with two cacti. Jump onto that roof, and you’ll find Toad shuffling on the yellow roof.
    • Music Request: Any boss fight music will work.

Wooded Kingdom

  • Musical Toad #2: Fast travel to the Summit Path flag and find the maraca-music skeleton. Drop down off the ledge near him and you’ll find the toad across a small brook.
    • Music Request: Play “Above the Clouds”.

Metro Kingdom

  • Musical Toad #3: Musical Toad is easy to find here. Go to the park to the right of the Crazy Cap store. Toad is behind the jump-ropers. He’s easy to find, but the music he wants is trickier.
    • Music Request: Play the RV Car Theme – unlock it by completing the RV circuit across from the Crazy Cap store. Go through the door on the upper left outside the tracks to get the tunes.

Luncheon Kingdom

  • Musical Toad #4: From the Odyssey, run by the fork-NPC and get across the pink lava. When you reach the floating corn-cob, possess a lava bubble and swim left. Eventually, you’ll spot green / blue blocks to your right. Follow the corridor and jump onto the left side — jump to find an invisible block that leads up to the platform with Musical Toad.
    • Music Request: This Toad wants to hear the music theme that plays when you capture a dinosaur in Cascade Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Musical Toad #5: Next to the Odyssey, Toad is hanging out beside the fountain.
    • Music Request: Any 8-Bit track.

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