Super Mario Odyssey: Here’s Where To Find Yoshi | Secrets Guide

Yoshi, Mario’s long-time companion and pal, returns in Super Mario Odyssey. You can capture him, too! With Yoshi, you’ll be able to flutter jump, lick enemies, and generally do everything a Yoshi is supposed to do. He’s awesome, so finding him was one of our top priorities. If you’re looking for Yoshi, just be aware that he’s only available at the end, so there will be some spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you don’t want to know about end-game locations!

What makes Yoshi even more awesome is his connection to Super Mario 64. In that game, if you were able to reach the rooftop of Prince Peach’s Castle in the hub world, you’d be able to talk to Yoshi. Well, he’s hiding in a very similar spot, even though actually getting to him is a whole lot easier — but you’ll only be able to reach him after completing Super Mario Odyssey’s campaign.

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Where To Find Yoshi | Secrets Guide

Yoshi can only be found after completing the main story. Once you’ve done that, follow the steps below to locate Mario’s best bud.

  1. Travel to the Mushroom Kingdom and go around the left side of Peach’s Castle.
  2. Find the Scarecrow, and throw Cappy at it.
  3. A secret staircase will appear that make the roof of the castle accessible.
  4. Get up the stairs before the timer runs out!
  5. Around the central tower on the roof, look for an egg with green spots. That’s Yoshi!
  6. Crack open the egg and Yoshi will appear!

No, you can’t ride Yoshi. But, you can CAPTURE Yoshi. Mario becomes Yoshi, and unlocks all his awesome abilities. Now you’re free to eat apples and earn moons.


There are more Yoshi-related quests to enjoy in the Mushroom Kingdom — from the central fountain, go upstream of the flowing water to find a cavern. Grab the apple outside the tunnel, and travel inside to locate another big area for Yoshi to explore.

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