Super Mario Odyssey: All Hidden Portrait Warp Zones Locations | Secrets Guide

While exploring the many kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll sometimes encounter platforms or areas off in the distance that are just impossible to reach. Considering how many critters you can capture, and all the weird little things Mario can accomplish, there might be a way to get over to these hidden, far-off spots — right? Well, yes and no.

No, you won’t be able to reach those areas by conventional means. Instead, you’ll need to find hidden warp zones found in portraits, embedded in alternate kingdoms. Yup, you’ll have to find secret portals in alternate kingdoms to get every moon. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, the secret warp holes are actually hidden in portraits. It’s enough to make a Cappy’s head spin. Check out all the Super Mario Odyssey portal portrait locations in the complete locations guide below.

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All Hidden Portrait Warp Zones Locations | Secrets Guide

To reach special locations in certain kingdoms, Mario will have to hop through secret portrait “warp holes” — there are 10 portrait portals in total, and each one leads to a bonus moon.


Cascade Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #1: Dive into the water at the base of the waterfall near your ship and swim to find a hidden cave. Go up and above the coins to discover this portrait. It warps Mario to a Bowser’s Kingdom moon.

Sand Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #2: Fast travel to the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar flag and drop down onto the desert past the spinning coin sand hill. There’s a stone tower nearby — at the base of the tower, near a Jaxi Stop, you’ll find the portrait on a ruined wall sticking out of the sand. This one takes you to Metro Kingdom.

Lake Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #3: Take the stairs up to the left of the Odyssey ship starting point. There’s a flag (Courtyard warp) with a small pool nearby. Dive in and you’ll find a very wet portrait at the bottom — it’ll warp you to the Sand Kingdom.

Wooded Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #4: Travel to the Iron Mountain Path Station 8 flag, then drop down and look left. There’s a fence with a gap (and a pole) — toss Cappy at the wooden statue at the end of the platforms. Finish the challenge, then travel behind the metal girder to reach a larger platform with a rock. Look behind it to find another secret portrait. This one takes Mario to the Luncheon Kingdom.

Metro Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #5: Finally, an easy one! Right from your Odyssey ship, drop down onto a platform directly behind it to find a portrait.

Snow Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #6: Return to the Snow Kingdom after completing the area, then capture the closest cloud with Cappy. With the cloud (available down the main path) — travel left until you find a large stone block on a cliff. Blow the block across the ice until it hits a high platform on the other side, then use the block to reach a snowy platform with your portrait. You’ll need that block after exiting the cloud and returning to Mario’s normal form. This portrait connects to Cascade Kingdom, and another moon.

Seaside Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #7: Defeat the boss of the kingdom, then return and hop into the water jets that launch Mario into the main fountain. Dive into the water in the fountain, but outside the center, and you’ll find the portrait at the bottom. It’ll take you to the Lake Kingdom.

Luncheon Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #8: Warp to Path to the Meat Plateau flag and grab one of the floating bubbles with Cappy. Get across the platforms ahead, then turn right — you’ll need to reach the upper-right corner of the map to access a huge mushroom-shaped island. Get behind the platforms where the peppers are rolling down to find a portrait to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bowser’s Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #9: Beat up all four mini-bosses, then travel to the Main Courtyard Entrance flag. Go left from there, and then circle around the building below to find the portrait. This one takes you to the Moon Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Portrait Warp #10: To find the last portrait,  jump out of the Odyssey, then turn around. To your right, there’s a hill surrounded by trees — the portrait is on the ground, facing up.

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