Pre-load Super Mario Odyssey Now

The pre-load for that latest iteration in Nintendo’s iconic platforming franchise, Super Mario Odyssey, is now live. If you intend to pick up the game digitally, you can head on over to the Nintendo E-shop and hit pre-load on your Switch, allowing you to get the game as soon as it launches this Friday, October 27 2017.

The game will be 5.2 GB, and will presumably unlock at midnight ET on October 27 (at least, that is how Nintendo handled pre-loads on 3DS and Wii U in the past).

This title will, in fact, support video functionality like the other few Switch games out there, so you’ll be able to record those moments of sweet glory on your system. If you aren’t hyped up for the game enough, Nintendo recently released a 5-minute gameplay trailer, showing off the game’s mechanics and storyline.

The days before Nintendo’s return to 3D platforming are numbered, and for many Mario fans, the excitement is palpable. Super Mario Odyssey marks the latest 3D Mario adventure since Super Mario 3D World released for the Nintendo Wii U.

In the recent overview trailer, Cappy, The Odyssey, Power Moons and Crazy Cap Stores take centre stage. It’s already well known that Cappy allows Mario to bridge gaps and possess enemies, enabling further exploration and access to new areas. On the other hand, Power Moons act as fuel for The Odyssey, and need to be collected to extend your travel range; they seem to have a similar level progression function as the star coins in Super Mario 3D Land.

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