Super Mario Odyssey File Download Size Revealed

With Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey releasing very soon, you may want to make sure that your system has enough space. Super Mario Odyssey will clock in at 5.7GB will be required for the digital version.

The relatively small size for a triple A title on the Switch is no new news for Nintendo fans, other games such as the critically acclaimed brawler, Arms and Nintendo’s paint-based warfare title, Splatoon 2 both clock in at under 4GB.

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In other news regarding Nintendo’s favourite red capped hero, the English-speaking Italian is no longer a plumber.

According to the character profile on Nintendo’s Japanese website, Mario is listed as a former plumber alongside his renowned participation in the fields of tennis, soccer and kart racing. For anyone familiar with Mario’s unique, multi-ethnic history—an English-speaking Italian plumber created by a Japanese company—this will come as a huge shock. Make no mistake, this decision isn’t a minor one.

Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27th for the Switch. Are you excited to get your hands on it? Let us know in the comments below.