Super Mario Odyssey: All 50 Purple Coins Locations | Cascade Kingdom

Purple Coins are, essentially, the regional currency of Super Mario Odyssey. Every kingdom has its own form of regional currency, but they all take a very specific form — they’re all purple coins. Cascade Kingdom features 50 of these hidden purple coins, and they all resemble stones with holes in the center. Everyone kingdom has a different look to the coins, but they’re always purple.

Purple Coins can be used in the Crazy Cap stores that you can check out in every kingdom. The Purple Coins will get you kingdom-specific treasures like costumes and stickers, so it’s best to save your coins and spend them wisely. Here, the Crazy Cap store won’t open until after you’ve defeated the boss, but the vendors will appear on your return trip, selling a snazzy Caveman costume.

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All 50 Purple Coins Locations | Cascade Kingdom

There are 50 purple coins available to collect in the Cascade Kingdom. Some coins will only appear after you’ve completed the main story path and return later.


The Odyssey / Spawn Area

  • 3 Coins: Right next to the starting spot when you land the Odyssey, or just on your first visit. Look behind the wall of rocks near the ledge to spot these three coins.
  • 3 Coins: To the right of the first Chain Chomp, just north of the Waterfall Basin flag. Look off the cliffside to spot them.
  • 3 Coins: Left of the tutorial sign explaining homing throws, off the cliffside near the waterfall. Just northwest from the Waterfall Basin flag.

Waterfall Basion

  • 3 Coins: Behind the central waterfall.
  • 3 Coins: Under the bridge Mario creates after making the very first Moon appear. Dive into the water to find it under the bridge next to the waterfall.

Top of the Big Stump

  • 4 Coins: Reach the “Top of the Big Stump” flag by smashing the pillar of rock with a Chain Chomp to the left of the old airship crash site. The four coins are on a lower ledge near the Moon on the high cliff.
  • 3 Coins: On the ledge near the tall pole on the path to the second Chain Chomp field.
  • 3 Coins: Atop a tall rocky column near the second Chain Chomp field. Climb up the rocks before smashing them with the T-Rex! … or just collect them while capturing the T-Rex.
  • 3 Coins: Found to the right of the cracked rocks / trampoline leading up to the T-Rex’s sleeping spot. Shh, don’t disturb him!
  • 3 Coins: Travel left from the Stone Bridge flag to find three floating coins near two hat cloud platforms you can activate with Cappy. Throw Cappy to get these coins.

Stone Bridge

  • 3 Coins: Right of the Stone Bridge flag, look for two more hat clouds. Jump up and across the cliffs to reach these three precarious coins.
  • 3 Coins: Across from the bridge filled with baddies next to the Stone Bridge flag, there’s a big chunk of breakable rocks before you run into another Chain Chomp. Climb the rocks to discover the coins.
  • 3 Coins: To the left of the 2D Mario pipe, on the ledge overlooking the very first Chain Chomp encounter.
  • 3 Coins: To the right of the first giant Chain Chomp, you’ll see a new path under the waterfall. You can use cap-shaped clouds to reach these three coins.
  • 4 Coins: Enter the Cappy Door to the right of the Stone Bridge, then reach the area with three 2D lifts – one is going up and two are going down. Ride the lift up and out of the camera, then jump across the two lowering lifts while sprinting to land on the high ceiling. Now you can run across to find these four tricky coins.

Fossil Falls Heights

  • 3 Coins: On the floating isles at the top of Cascade Falls, the ones that appear just outside the Broodal boss arena.