Super Mario Odyssey: Cascade Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

Like Stars and Shines, Mario will spend most of his globe-trotting adventure hunting down Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. These moon-shaped collectibles are required for progression, and as you complete kingdoms, you’ll unlock even more challenges and moons to complete in previous kingdoms. Getting as many Moons as you can is part of the fun, and to help make sense of the Cascade  Kingdom, we’re going to explain how to get even Moon.

There are more hints available in-game after defeating the Cascade Kingdom boss. You’ll be able to chat with Talkatoo, a bird that gives you cryptic hints. Or, you can give Hint Toad 50 gold coins and he’ll mark a Moon location on your map, but he won’t provide any clues. If you’re lost, confused, and tired of clues, you can check out the location and explanation for each Moon in the complete Cascade Falls guide below.

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Cascade Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

Power Moons are the main collectibles you’ll need to reach new kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. Many Moons are only available after you complete the story quests, or return later after finishing the story campaign.


01: Our First Power Moon

For our first Power Moon, travel north from the Waterfall Basin flag and capture the Chain Chomp. As a chomp, hold it opposite the direction you want to launch – a helpful arrow pointer will appear, showing you the trajectory. Simply launch the Chain Chomp into the glowing rocks over the flowing water, near the rocky tower, to reveal it.

02: Multi Moon Atop the Falls

You’ll earn 3 Moons at the same time for defeating the Broodal boss at the top of Cascade Falls. Climb all the way to the top, then capture Madame Broode’s Chain Chomp and launch it back at her. Completing this mission will also unlock the Sand Kingdom if you’re able to get 4 moons. Very straightforward – to reach the boss, use the Chain Chomps to smash the rocky walls, and enter the 2D Mario section to climb to the top.

03: Chomp Through The Rocks

At the second Chain Chomp field with the super-big Chain Chomp in the center, capture the left Chain Chomp and use it to smash the cracked rocks embedded in the cliff face.

04: Behind The Waterfall

While climbing the mountain, Mario will be able to smash a cracked cliff face with a giant Chain Chomp and reveal a 2D mural. Enter the 2D Mario section through the green pipe, then jump on the left wall to find a secret block. Use the secret block to jump up and move left – there’s a hidden path that leads to a Moon behind the waterfall. How serene!

05: On Top of the Rubble

Make a return trip to Cascade Falls and you’ll find this easy Moon on a pile of rubble just north of the Odyssey’s landing location.

06: Treasure of the Waterfall Basin

Cross the Waterfall Basin bridge and then drop into the water near the waterfall’s edge on the left. There’s a little cave underneath with a treasure chest containing one more Moon.

07: Above A High Cliff

Across the Waterfall Basin, you’ll find a totally new Chain Chomp left of the old Odyssey airship crash site. Use the chomp to smash a tall pillar of rock and enter the green pipe. The Moon is up top, you can’t miss it! Don’t miss the nearby flag either.

08: Across the Floating Isles

Return to the Broodal boss arena at the top of Cascade Falls. On the opposite side from the entrance, you’ll find some floating islands with a Power Moon and three purple coins.

09: Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Left of the bridge across the waterfall currents, hit the scarecrow with Cappy to start a Timer Challenge. Reach the moon before the platforms disappear, or Mario will drop into the water and have to restart.

10: Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

This timer challenge is found in the Broodal boss arena at the top of the kingdom. Hit the scarecrow with Cappy to activate it, then use triple jumps (or butt-stomp jumps) to gain enough height to reach the top of each tall platform.

11: Good Morning, Captain Toad!

Find Captain Toad on a platform beneath the Broodal boss arena. At the arena, turn left and drop down onto the platform with the moon stone. On the edge of this platform, there’s yet another platform below. Look down and talk to Captain Toad to get a Power Moon.

12: Dinosaur Nest: Big Cleanup!

From the Top of the Big Stump flag, look down off the ledge to find a Cappy Door. Open it with Cappy and then defeat all the little enemies in the cavern area. Capture the T-Rex to wipe out all the enemies faster! When they’re destroyed, the Moon will appear.

13: Dinosaur Nest: Running Wild!

In the same dinosaur nest, capture the T-Rex and drop off the cliff near his sleeping perch. There’s a brown platform below with even more rocks you can smash. Break all the rocks to make the Moon appear, then use the trampoline to bounce up and grab it.

14: Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!

Use the narrow path behind the mountain, to the left of the Stone Bridge checkpoint flag, and you’ll find a green pipe. Jump in and complete all three Chain Chomp challenges – aim the chomps to knock into other chomps and bounce them into the target. Hit all three targets.

15: Very Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!

Before leaving the Chain Chomp challenge area, look in the foreground-right corner in the last room with the Moon. There’s a tiny little secret path that leads to one more challenge! Complete the final Chain Chomp mini-game to get this Moon.

16: Past the Chasm Lifts

Enter the Cappy Door to the right of the Stone Bridge flag. There’s a small path leading down to the door from the cliffside. Inside, there’s a lengthy 2D Mario section. Reach the area with three lifts, one going up and two going down. Once you get across, go through the green pipe to claim your Moon.

17: Hidden Chasm Passage

In the same area, this one is a little trickier to get. When you get through the first 2D Mario section, you’ll go back to 3D and use two lifts to reach the second 2D Mario area. Instead of riding the lifts up, jump to a ledge to the right. You’ll need to bounce off Cappy or use a deft sprinting-crouch jump. When you reach the 2D area, knock the Koopa down to the lower level and bounce his shell so it breaks the block to the right. Now you can go through the secret passage to the right and grab this Moon.

18: Secret Path to Fossil Falls!

Enter Seaside Kingdom and dive into the water in the center of the massive fountain to find a painting that leads back to Cascade Kingdom, dropping Mario on a secluded island right beside a Moon.

19: A Tourist in the Cascade Kingdom

Complete the Sand Kingdom and visit the tourist in Metro Kingdom, and this Moon will become available. Talk to the dancing skeleton from the Sand Kingdom near the Odyssey to get a Moon.

20: Rolling Rock By the Falls

Return to the location where the derelict airship was located. There are two rocks here – see them? They’re the light gray rocks stuck in the ground. Move close with Mario to kick them while you’re running around. One takes quite a few kicks to break – that’s because there’s a Moon inside!

21: Peach in the Cascade Kingdom

This Power Moon can only be unlocked after you complete the game. Return to Cascade Kingdom after talking to Peach. She’s at the very top of the falls, to the left of the Fossil Falls Heights flag. Talk to her to get a Moon.

22: Cascade Kingdom Regular Cup

Here’s another Moon you won’t be able to get until after the story is complete. Return when you’ve finished the story and talk to a Koopa next to the tourist from Sand Kingdom we talked to earlier. He’ll challenge Mario to a race. Complete the time trial to get the moon.

23: Caveman Cave-Fan

Once again, return after completing the game. When you’re back, talk to the Cappy in the Broodal boss arena and he’ll give you a Moon if you’re wearing a caveman outfit. Buy the outfit from the Crazy Cap store – it’ll cost 15 purple coins to get the hat and outfit.

24: Shopping in Fossil Falls

Purchase a Moon from the Crazy Cap store for 100 coins. It only appears after you return to the kingdom later.

25: Sphynx Traveling to the Waterfall

The last regular Power Moon is also only available after completing the main game. Look up into the sky with the viewfinder located near the Odyssey landing spot and search for a flying Sphynx – the big white sail is a dead give-away.

[There are still more Power Moons to find in Cascade Falls. Take a return trip to this scenic locale after the credits!]