Super Mario Odyssey: All Princess Peach Locations | Collectibles Guide

As if rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser wasn’t enough, you can also find Princess Peach wandering every kingdom after completing the main story of Super Mario Odyssey. After the climactic events of the campaign are over, weary Princess Peach is off on a solo adventure, checking out the various kingdoms before sealing those promised nuptials.

If you’re curious and want to see what Princess Peach is doing on all those worlds, you can find her in the following locations. As an added little bonus, Princess Peach is wearing a themed outfit for each individual world — it’s worth finding just to see her latest fashion choices.

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All Princess Peach Locations | Collectibles Guide

Princess Peach is on a vacation, and she can be found on every standard kingdom. The only places she won’t visit are the two bonus, unlockable post-game kingdoms. You can find her everywhere else, hanging out with her pal Tiara. 

Cap Kingdom

  • Peach Location #1: Peach’s first location, naturally, is in the first world. Find her to the right of the Crazy Cap store, standing on her own platform.

Cascade Kingdom

  • Peach Location #2: After getting Peach’s first clue, it’s off to Cascade Kingdom. She’s to the left of the Fossil Falls Heights warp flag, decked out in explorer gear. She’s near the ledge above the huge waterfall.

Sand Kingdom

  • Peach Location #3: Complete with sun hat, Peach is located on top of the inverted pyramid. To get there, warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower flag and capture the closest electrical wire to reach the top.

Wooded Kingdom

  • Peach Location #4: Go for a trip to the Secret Flower Field Entrance flag, then spin around and get to the kettle robot back on the opposite end of the field. Climb the platforms and enter the Observation Deck to encounter Peach.

Lake Kingdom

  • Peach Location #5: Take a return trip to the Broodal boss arena at the top of the Plaza to find Peach.

Cloud Kingdom

  • Peach Location #6: Bounce onto the main area of the cloud kingdom, and you can easily spot Peach on the far side of the map.

Lost Kingdom

  • Peach Location #7: Thankfully, Peach isn’t too far gone in the Lost Kingdom. Find her next to the Crazy Cap shop. Go to the Rocky Mountain Summit flag to find her.

Metro Kingdom

  • Peach Location #8: Start at the Rooftop Garden flag and then use the electrical wires / flag poles to reach the higher rooftop above. Keep going up until you reach the top and find Peach.


Snow Kingdom

  • Peach Location #9: This time, Peach is in town. Travel to the Above the Ice Wall flag and drop down, then continue down the hill — on the way, look to your left to spot Peach before reaching the steps.

Seaside Kingdom

  • Peach Location #10: Where else could Peach be? She’s at the top of the huge fountain. Launch Mario up using one of the four water jets. She’s right in the center.

Luncheon Kingdom

  • Peach Location #11: At the food-stuffed Kingdom, warp to the Peronza Plaza flag and move ahead to find Peach hanging out near one of the pillars on the right.

Ruined Kingdom

  • Peach Location #12: Use the main electricity wire to reach the dragon. She’s hanging out next to the spooky creature.

Bowser’s Kingdom

  • Peach Location #13: Another easy find — Peach is hanging out next to the Crazy Cap store. Get there and you’ll find her to the left, near a seating area.

Moon Kingdom

  • Peach Location #14: Go straight to Ever After Hill and get to the back of the church — Peach is hanging out in the bell tower, and you’ll need a frog to reach it. Hop on up to the top of the tower and talk to Peach. She’s got one more stop to make.

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Peach Location #15: Talk to Toad at the castle entrance and he’ll tell you Peach has finally finished her vacation. You’ll get a quick view of the balcony where she’s located, but reaching her  is a little tricky. Go around the left side and possess the scarecrow to create stairs up to the castle roof. From the top, you can drop down to Peach’s balcony and talk to her.

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