Changing Mario’s Costume In Super Mario Odyssey Affects End Game Dialogue

Already finished with Super Mario Odyssey? Well here’s a bit of interesting news that may make you want to revisit the final boss fight between Bowser and Mario: The costume you select for the red-hatted protagonist actually impacts on the dialogue. Here are a couple of variations as to what Bowser says courtesy of Nintendoeverything.

The first part of the dialogue reacts to what you are wearing while the second part remains the same. It doesn’t impact on the game one bit, but it’s still a nice little tidbit Nintendo threw in there for some extra fun.

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In other Nintendo news, L.A. Noire for the Switch will require you to purchase an SD Card.

‘Looking to pick up L.A. Noire when it launches on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch? Well just make sure you pick up a fairly big SD card because this game is gonna eat up loads of your storage.’

‘The game’s digital download size sits at a decent 29GB, which means that the Switch 32GB capacity will not be able to store the game without an SD card if you decide to purchase it digitally.’