Super Mario Odyssey: All Desert Wanderer Locations | Collectibles Guide

Earn extra Power Moons and follow the travails of the Desert Wanderer as he explores the many fanciful kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey.

This humble dweller of Tostarena Town wants to see the big, wide world — and he doesn’t have a hat-shaped flying machine like Mario. Instead, he settles for a taxi. How does the taxi reach kingdoms on the other side of the ocean? Your guess is as good as our’s.

Like Princess Peach and other explorers, the Desert Wanderer will appear in a series of locations. You’ll want to make a quick pit-stop and find him for the bonus Power Moon collectibles he provides, and to simply enjoy his little side-story. Here’s where to find him.

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All Desert Wanderer Locations | Collectibles Guide

The Desert Wanderer won’t start, ahem, wandering until after you’ve defeated the Sand Kingdom boss and freed the desert from an chilly predicament. When the giant blocks of ice are gone, the taxi driver will appear in Tostarena Town, and the Desert Wander’s journey will begin.

Sand Kingdom

  • Desert Wanderer #1: The first location for the Desert Wanderer is right outside Tostarena Town. Go for a return trip and talk to the Sand Kingdom NPC — he’ll make his next destination pretty obvious.

Metro Kingdom

  • Desert Wanderer #2: Again, defeat the boss and return to the Metro Kingdom when the area is sunny. The Desert Wanderer is beside his taxi, near the Odyssey landing zone.

Cascade Kingdom

  •  Desert Wanderer #3: No bosses to defeat this time. You’ve already got the job done! From the Odyssey, run towards the Crazy Cap store to find the tourist next to his taxi.

Luncheon Kingdom

  • Desert Wanderer #4: Next stop — the festival in the Luncheon Kingdom. Warp to the Central Plaza flag and these two are impossible to miss.

Moon Kingdom

  • Desert Wanderer #5: Take a trip to the Moon Kingdom when you’re done enjoying the sights and implied-smells of the Lunchon Kingdom. From the Odyssey, swivel left to spot the Desert Wanderer’s taxi near a mess of NPCs from every other level.

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Desert Wanderer #6: The dancing fool finally arrives at the Mushroom Kingdom. This is his last stop, and you’ll find him in the Fountain Square area outside the castle. Give him a talking to, and you’ll unlock his final location.

Sand Kingdom

  • Desert Wanderer #7: No more adventures for the Desert Wanderer. He returns to his home, the Sand Kingdom, and he’s right back where he started outside Tostarena Town. Give him a final talking to for another Power Moon prize.


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