Super Mario Odyssey: How To Beat Every Boss | Broodals & More Guide

Super Mario Odyssey, like all the games past, features a colorful assortment of bosses you’ll have to face while questing to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and his minions. This time around, the minions are dangerous band of wedding planners called the Broodals — a band of bunnies with a “bridal” pun-name, and they take their job seriously. Bowser paid them to smack around a little guy in a red hat, and Mario fits the bill.

Don’t let these tricky rabbits beat you. Here, we’ll explain how to defeat every bunny boss battle, and anything else you’ll face that’s worth a tip or two on your travels. With the all-new Cappy buddy, Mario has a new set of tricks, and you’ll need to use Cappy to defeat every boss. Whether you’re knocking hats off enemies, capturing Chain Chomp pets, or dodging fireworks — we’ve got the tips you need to win every fight.

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How To Beat Every Boss | Broodals Guide

Generally, Mario will encounter bosses at the end of each kingdom. The Broodals are you main opponenets, and each one has their own gimmick — you’ll have to figure out how to beat them, because a simple stomp from Mario usually isn’t enough. Below, you’ll find strategies for every boss — press Ctrl+F and search for the boss name or kingdom to jump directly to our quick battle tips.


BOSS #1: Topper – Cap Kingdom

Topper is your first Broodal fight — the green-suited bunny wears three spiked top hats on his head. To defeat him, you’ll need to knock the hats off! Swing Cappy at Topper. Each hit will knock off a top hat, and the hat will bounce around the arena.

  • How To Beat Topper:
    1. Knock all three top hats off Topper with Cappy.
    2. When he’s stunned, butt-stomp on his head.
    3. He’ll transform into three hats — break all three hats with Cappy to initiate Phase 2.
    4. Repeat — knock off the three hats.
    5. This time, Topper will run away instead of standing still. Hit him with Cappy to temporarily stun him, then butt-stomp his head to win.

You can break the hats by hitting them with Cappy. The hats, when destroyed, will drop coins or hearts. Super useful to clear the arena so you don’t have to worry about dangers. If you break the hats as they’re knocked off, one at a time, Topper can barely touch Mario.

BOSS #2: Madame Broode & Chompikins – Cascade Kingdom

Madame Broode doesn’t fight alone — she brings her beloved Chain Chompikins into the fight to do all her dirty work. Madame Broode marches around the arena and sends Chompikins to bite Mario. Watch out when the pointers appear, that means Chompikins is about to charge!

  • How To Beat Madame Broode:
    1. Attack Chompikins (the Chain Chomp) with Cappy to knock its hat off.
    2. Capture Chompikins with Cappy, then launch Chompikins into Madame Broode to damage her.
    3. During the second phase, Madame Broode will smack Cappy off Chompikins after capturing it. Run away from Madame Broode until she gets tired, then launch the Chain Chomp while she’s stunned.
    4. Repeat a third time to defeat Madame Broode.

As the fight continues, she’ll launch Chompikins faster and even throw him. While he’s spinning, you can’t capture! Use Mario’s running-crouch-jump to quickly escape this monster’s brutal bites.

BOSS #3: Hariet – Sand Kingdom

Hariet jumps into battle with her bombs and a spiked hat, making it impossible to bounce on her head until you’ve stunned her. She’ll toss bigger and badder bombs as the fight progresses, so move quick and be prepared to hit those bombs back with Cappy!

  • How to Beat Hariet:
    1. Dodge Hariet’s bombs until she throws a big bomb that gets stuck in the ground, connected to her hair.
    2. Throw Cappy at the big bomb and it’ll bounce back, knocking Hariet’s hat off.
    3. Stomp her while she’s stunned.
    4. She’ll hide inside her hat, which starts to spin like a UFO, dropping bombs that leave behind burning fires.
    5. Wait for the big bomb connected to her braid, then hit it with Cappy.
    6. This time, she’ll try to run away when her hat is knocked off. Ground pound her uncovered head to reach the last phase.

The UFO bombs are the trickiest. They’ll cover a large part of the arena with fires. Just keep moving and eventually those fires will disappear.

BOSS #4: Knucklotec – Sand Kingdom

The angry statue isn’t happy that his Bonding Ring has been stolen, and he’ll squish Mario flat to find it. Dodge the floating head’s gigantic hands – they’ll follow Mario and then slam to the sand, flattening the plumber in an instant.

  • How to Beat Knucklotec:
    1. Lure Knucklotec’s fists toward the ice in the sand. When he tries to pound the ice blocks, his hand will get hurt.
    2. Capture a stunned hand, then fly toward the statue’s face. Increase your speed and dodge the other hand’s ice crystals.
    3. After being punched, Knucklotec will launch both hands.
    4. Dodge the ice crystals he summons before repeating his previous attacks.
    5. Lure his hands into ice, then punch Knucklotec three times to end this fight.

Use the sprinting-crouch jump or just run. This attack is tricky to dodge – lure the hands toward ice crystals with red hearts to heal up. That’s his toughest attack, but you’ll find a few hearts hiddden inside the ice all over the arena.

During the final phase, you’ll also need to dodge the clap-attack he uses. He’ll only do it three times, so quickly jump into the background / foreground to avoid.

BOSS #5: Rango – Lake Kingdom

The tallest Broodal uses his spinning, spiky straw-hat to slice Mario down to size. He’s tall, so Mario can’t jump on his head without a little extra help.

  • How to Beat Rango:
    1. When Rango throws his spiked hat, dodge and throw Cappy to capture it.
    2. The deadly hat will transform into a high-jump flower. Hop on it and glide onto Rango’s head to damage him.
    3. He’ll pull on his hat and jump around wildly. Retreat until he stops!
    4. For the last two phases, Rango throws his hat in a circle pattern. Capture it, spin-jump, and hit Rango’s head to defeat him.

BOSS #6: Spewart – Wooded Kingdom

This gross member of the Broodals spews poison all over the arena. Cappy won’t help you much here, you’ll just have to stomp on his head between spit-takes.

  • How to Beat Spewart:
    1. Use Cappy to clear out the poison Spewart spits and hit Spewart with Cappy to knock his hat off, then wait for him to cough.
    2. When he’s stunned, ground pound his head.
    3. He’ll transform into a hat that leaves a trail of poison. Jump on the hat to end this sequence early.
    4. Each round, he’ll spin and create a larger area of poisoned ground. Run to the edge of the arena for safety.
    5. Repeat the steps to defeat Spewart.

He doesn’t change his routine much between attacks. You’ll just need to run to the outer rim to avoid his spin-poison-assault, and move quickly, throwing Cappy to clear away poison so you can get close, knock his hat off, and stomp on his head.

BOSS #7: Torkdrift – Wooded Kingdom

When you drop into the Secret Flower Field, you’ll find a giant robot stealing all the flowers! Grab one of those stretchy plant critters and stretch into the machine’s weak bottom-side. Hold your position until the boss battle really begins.

  • How To Beat Torkdrift:
    1. Stay as the stretchy enemy for the entire fight. You’ll need him.
    2. Stretch into the gray blocks and break all three glowing components.
    3. Continue moving to avoid the laser attacks.
    4. When all three weak points are broken, the robot will spin around and reveal it’s real weak point. Stretch into it to damage the bot.
    5. After damaging it, the machine will fire laser circles that grow from the center. Stretch and exit the stretch to hop over the lasers at any height.
    6. Next round, it will shoot lasers faster and move its weak points. Break all three again! Hit him three times to win the fight.

If you need health during the fight, stretch and break the gray blocks on the exterior circle of the arena. Each one contains an extra heart.

BOSS #8: Bowser – Cloud Kingdom

After completing the Lake / Wooded Kingdoms, Mario and Bowser will face-off in a surprise boss battle. Like most of the bosses in Odyssey, he likes to use his hat to attack. Thankfully, his hat is also his greatest weakness.

  • How to Beat Bowser:
    1. When Bowser throws his hat, fully equipping with boxing gloves, you’ll want to capture it! Hit the hat with Cappy and capture it.
    2. Jump over Bowser’s flame attacks and punch him when you’re close. Keep mashing the punch button until Bowser goes flying!
    3. In the next rounds, Bowser will throw phantom hats. Avoid the purple hats and only capture the genuine article. He’ll also throw stone boulders after launching fire walls – run left and right after jumping to avoid them.
    4. Punch Bowser out three times to end the boss battle. In the third phase, after one punch, Bowser will spin his tail – jump over it, then punch him again.

Bowser doesn’t play fair, and this isn’t the last time you’ll fight the big lummox. After the battle, the Odyssey is destroyed, and Mario will have to recover his ship in the Lost Kingdom.

BOSS #9: Mechawiggler – Metro Kingdom

The massive Mechawiggler sends Mario back down to the bottom of New Donk City Hall after you encounter the big bug stealing power from the rooftop. Down below, you’ll need a tank to defeat this aggressive, mechanized monster.

  • How to Beat Mechawiggler:
    1. Capture a tank and shoot at the bright spots on the Mechawiggler’s segments.
    2. The Mechawiggler shoots energy balls at your tank – shoot them down before they hit you!
    3. Destroy all the bright spots and the Mechawiggler will be stunned. Blast it until it disappears to damage it.
    4. The Mechawiggler will retreat through a portal. Watch the portal! It moves around with a yellow spark, and when it appears, it will charge at you. Avoid the glowing trajectory.
    5. When Mechawiggler reappears, it will launch five energy balls and will periodically become invincible to charge at you again.
    6. Blast all the bright spots and pummel the Mechawiggler with blasts to defeat it.

The Mechawiggler only goes through two phases, and defeating it will bring sunlight to Metro Kingdom. If you need health, sometimes an extra heart will spawn when you blast the energy balls.

BOSS #10: Mollosque-Lanceur – Seaside Kingdom

This angry octopus doesn’t appear in a boss arena – the entire Seaside Kingdom is your arena! Defeating him a little different from most bosses. You’ll need a bubble-guy and a quick trigger finger to chase this fast boss.

  • How To Beat Mollosque-Lanceur:
    1. Capture a mollusk floating in a water bubble near the boss’s initial starting area. With the mollusk, you can stay up high and jet forward – your water supply is limited, so drop into the water to refill.
    2. Chase the boss and fly over his head – then jet down. Spray water on the boss’ head to hurt him.
    3. Sustain the jet stream long enough and you’ll damage him. When you damage him, he’ll retreat and spin-attack around the kingdom.
    4. Chase him and continue to follow until he slows down, then spray down his bald head again.
    5. Damage him three times to defeat him.

With the boss defeated, the sparkling water fountains will start up again and Mario can collect a triple-pack of Power Moons.

BOSS #11: Cookatiel – Luncheon Kingdom

The flying chef-bird spits ingredients at Mario, and Mario is stuck as an ember-like lava bubble-guy. To damage Cookatiel, you’ll need to brave the lava flow, bounce on Cookatiel’s head, and avoid even more ingredients.

How to Beat Cookatiel:

  1. Dodge Cookatiel’s attacks until a big ramp of pink lava spits from the bird’s beak.
  2. Ride up the lava ramp and bounce off Cookatiel’s head, dodging ingredients at the top.
  3. After each hit, Cookatiel’s lava ramp will change patterns, and he’ll shoot more ingredients.
  4. Hit Cookatiel three times to defeat him.

Ram into the floating ingredients in the stew – some have coins, but others have extra hearts. Smash as many as you can if you’re low on health!

Boss #12: Ruin Dragon – Ruin Kingdom

The massive dragon king of the Ruined Kingdoms won’t let Mario through without a fight. Pull the gold sword from the pedestal at the top of the stairs and ride the electricity to enter this boss battle.

How to Beat Ruin Dragon:

  1. Wait for the Ruin Dragon to stop shooting lightning attacks. He’ll lay his head on the arena floor and shoot waves of chain electricity.
  2. Jump over the waves until the purple light weakens. When his eyes close, you can safely jump up and onto the dragon’s head.
  3. Use Cappy to knock all three gold chains off the dragon’s head, then stomp on the glowing spot that’s revealed.
  4. Every phase, the dragon’s attacks become more powerful, and his waves of electricity become more complex. He also gains more spikes in his head you’ll have to pull out with Cappy.
  5. Hit the Ruin Dragon three times to defeat him.

This boss is consistently tricky, especially at the end of the fight. To heal up, stomp the glowing white spots on the floor of the arena. There are three spots, so you can recover between attacks.

BOSS #13: RoboBrood – Bowser’s Kingdom

When you confront Bowser at the top of the castle keep, you’ll instead have to battle the massive RoboBrood! This giant walking tank has armored legs and spews explosive bombs at Mario. Grab a birdie enemy with Cappy and you can start fighting back!

How to Beat RoboBrood:

  1. Capture a bird enemy and use the poke ability to knock the rolling bombs back at the tank legs.
  2. Hit the legs with two bombs to remove the armor and topple the mech.
  3. Use the poke ability to climb up to the top of the mech and peck the bubble containing one of the Broodals.
  4. After breaking two pods, the robot will sprint around the arena, then launch spinning fireworks to protect it.
  5. Defeat all four pods to bring this boss down.

To heal, find the rocks in the sand and kick them. Each rock contains an extra heart.

[COMPLETE!: And that’s it! The rest of the boss battles are repeats of previous encounters. They’re more difficult, but you already know how to win. Goodluck on your journey, Mario!]