Super Mario Odyssey: All 100 Purple Coins Locations | Luncheon Kingdom

Enjoy a vacation to the always-edible Luncheon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, and get all the locations for those tricky purple coins with the complete guide below. As always, there are clothes to wear and souvenirs to buy in the exclusive regional currency side of the Crazy Cap store, and you can decorate the Odyssey (or Mario) — once you get all 100 purple coins.

The Luncheon Kingdom changes as you progress through the story, making previously difficult purple coins much easier to collect after defeating the boss at the end of the level. Either way, you’ll need burning ember-bubble enemies to swim through the tides of pink lava. One step into the hot stuff and Mario’s butt will burn up. Check out the gallery and text locations right here for a complete rundown of the missing purple coins. After this, there’s only one major level to go — Bowser’s Kingdom.

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All 100 Purple Coins Locations | Luncheon Kingdom


Odyssey Landing Zone

  • 3 Coins: In the lava across from the Odyssey ship. You can capture a critter or just take the damage and dive into the hot pink lava.
  • 3 Coins: On the wall just west of the Odyssey ship. You can reach the high point on the southwest wall from the Speward arena.
  • 3 Coins: On the high wall east of the Odyssey ship. From the Speward arena, hop onto the pointed roof to find these coins.
  • 3 Coins: Floating above the lava east of the Odyssey landing zone. Further in the level, you can grab a flame ember enemy and zip back to this area.

Peronza Plaza

  • 3 Coins: Floating near the ledge just south of the Peronza Plaza flag.
  • 3 Coins: On some blue bean-shaped rocks with a view of the slots house.
  • 3 Coins: East of the slots house, on the blue/green cliffs.
  • 3 Coins: Further east of the previous three coins.
  • 3 Coins: Behind the boiling stew pot.
  • 3 Coins: Just east of the boiling stew pot, capture an ember creature and look under the bridge extending over the lava near the Crazy Cap store.

Path to the Meat Plateau

  • 4 Coins: In the area where you first meet the frying pan throwing Koopas, capture one and destroy all the hardened cheese blocking the steps nearby. If you clear it all, you’ll find four coins.
  • 3 Coins: Behind the tall mountain where you first meet frying pan throwers and cheese rocks. Go behind the mountain and explore to the eastern edge.
  • 2 Coins: Northwest of the flag, look in the sky for these two coins. To get them, you’ll need to strategically defeat the hot enemies so they leave lava pools on the surface, then capture an ember and jump to the high coins.
  • 3 Coins: Jump into the pink lava just west of the checkpoint flag, then enter the alcove with an ember.
  • 3 Coins: At the area with the ramps leading up toward Meat Plateau, turn right and find three coins floating above a fork.
  • 3 Coins: On the high ridge to the right of the flag. These coins only appear after defeating the boss of the kingdom.
  • 3 Coins: Enter the Cappy door beneath the Meat Plateau and you’ll see the coins on the right side of a narrow path maze.

Salt-Pile Island

  • 3 Coins: Floating above the pink lava near Salt-Pile Island.
  • 3 Coins: South of the island, in an alcove built into the large wall.
  • 3 Coins: Even further south, you’ll find these three coins floating vertically.
  • 3 Coins: Enter the Cappy door east of the flag. In the obstacle course, throw Cappy at the launcher when it’s on the left side and fling Mario up on the fork above.

Volcano Cave Entrance

  • 3 Coins: You can’t miss these coins. They’re in the 2D Mario section outside the Volcano Cave Entrance.
  • 3 Coins: Floating above the floating corn platform outside the Volcano Cave Entrance.
  • 3 Coins: Inside the Volcano Cave itself, on the left side of the flowing lava ramp.
  • 3 Coins: Same place, but on the right side.
  • 5 Coins: Found beneath the flag, floating above the lava.

Start of the Peak Climb

  • 3 Coins: On a small island to the right of the Peak Climb flag.
  • 4 Coins: Climb up from the flag and look on the left side for a pink fork you can use to fling Mario onto a high ledge.
  • 3 Coins: While climbing up, you’ll reach an area with three rotating platforms. Reach this spot with an ember enemy and jump into the lava side to reach the three high purple coins.

Remote Island in the Lava

  • 7 Coins: Use the lava ember cannon east of the smaller stew pot at Peronza Plaza to reach the lava area south of the Remote Island. There are seven very prominent coins to grab here.
  • 3 Coins: On the Remote Island itself, enter the green pipe and grab these coins in the first room of the 2D Mario mural.
  • 3 Coins: Enter the Cappy door hidden on the tiny island west of the checkpoint flag. The coins are found on the rotating platforms when the path twists right.

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