Super Mario Odyssey: All 100 Purple Coins Locations | Wooded Kingdom

The Wooded Kingdom is another massive level in Super Mario Odyssey, and tracking down all 100 purple coins isn’t so easy on your first trip. To make things easier, I recommend returning after defeating the big final boss of the area and unlocking the next kingdom. Then you can take a spin back to the Wooded Kingdom and reach the new Observation Deck flag — the gliding gus at the top makes exploration a whole lot easier.

And it’s going to take a lot of exploration to find all the regional currency coins in this level. One area that’s easy to miss is the Deep Woods — if you take a tumble off the edge of the map, Mario doesn’t find himself in a bottomless pit, he actually lands in the spooky Deep Woods. If you’re missing purple coins and don’t know where to look, it just might be the Deep Woods you’re missing.

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All 100 Purple Coins Locations | Wooded Kingdom


Odyssey Landing Zone

  • 3 Coins: Behind the Crazy Cap store, near the Odyssey Landing Zone.
  • 3 Coins: Inside a tiny tunnel through a large tree, south of the Odyssey Landing Zone.
  • 3 Coins: Behind at tree, opposite the front of the Odyssey.
  • 3 Coins: Behind the rocky wall west of the Odyssey.
  • 3 Coins: Climb onto the rocky wall near the Odyssey and follow the kingdom’s ridge up to find three more coins. Use Cappy to grab them.
  • 2 Coins: Above a smaller tree near the Sphynx in the Landing Zone. Use a stretching creature to reach them.
  • 3 Coins: West of the Landing Zone, there’s a raised-up area Mario can access using the tall cliff walls of the kingdom’s opening area. You’ll reach an area with strange creatures that can stretch. Capture one and stretch to get three floating coins.
  • 3 Coins: Behind the Sphynx, on a high ledge in the tunnel.

Iron Road: Entrance

  • 4 Coins: South of Talkatoo, after exiting the Sphynx tunnel. Around the side of the building, there are two stretching creatures. Capture one and stretch above the large gray brick blocks.
  • 2 Coins: Right of the Iron Road Entrance flag.
  • 3 Coins: Directly beneath the bridge next to the Iron Road Entrance flag, floating above the waterfall.
  • 4 Coins: From the Iron Road Entrance flag, drop down to the bottom of the nearby waterfall and look for the path of crumbling platforms along the left edge of the building.
  • 3 Coins: Inside the green pipe near the Iron Road Entrance flag, located underwater, you’ll find these coins along the bottom path.
  • 3 Coins: Reach the top of the stream in the Odyssey Landing Zone (capture a stretching creature) and unlock the ledge far above the Iron Road Entrance. On the left, you’ll find three coins.

Iron Road: Halfway Point

  • 4 Coins: Above the exit to the red maze, right before you reach the Iron Road Halfway Point flag. Don’t destroy all the gray blocks at the end of the maze! Leave some, then use the stretcher to grab these four before dropping down.
  • 3 Coins: On a ledge beneath the Iron Road Halfway Point flag.
  • 4 Coins: Run across the plant bridge to reach a tall tower to your right. Halfway up the tower to another nut, you’ll find four coins on two crumbling platforms.

Sky Garden Tower

  • 3 Coins: Floating above the first moving platform in Sky Garden Tower. Grab a stretcher to reach them.
  • 3 Coins: Down from the Iron Road: Entrance flag, use the tanks to blast into the building doorway. Inside, you’ll find a seed-providing robot. Grab a stretching enemy outside and bring him in, then stretch on the dirt mound to find 3 coins in an open alcove.
  • 4 Coins: On a ledge beneath the Spewart boss area, at the Sky Garden Tower flag.

Forest Charging Station

  • 4 Coins: Enter the area with goombas at the Forest Charging Station flag. Along the left wall, there’s a tiny crawlspace with four coins.
  • 3 Coins: From the Forest Charging Station flag, climb up to the area with the tanks. Go around the right side to get onto the tall red wall.

Summit Path

  • 3 Coins: Found on the ledge near the Summit Path flag.
  • 3 Coins: At the rock wall you’ll have to blast with the tanks, look around the right corner. There’s a series of platforms you can jump across. At the corner, you’ll find three coins.
  • 3 Coins: Behind the steep ramp at the Summit Path flag, enter the Cappy door. When you press the second P Switch, wall-jump up to the top of a platform with three coins.
  • 3 Coins: Use a super-sprint flower to reach the top-right corner of the steep ramp above the Summit Path flag. Inside the obstacle course, stop at the room with the fireball-throwing koopas. There are three coins floating above the arena.

Iron Mountain Path: Station 8

  • 2 Coins: Above a tree on the grassy ledge to the left of the Iron Mountain Path: Station 8 flag.

Observation Deck

  • 4 Coins: Near the Observation Deck flag.
  • 3 Coins: Bring a seed up to the planter (use the robot near the Secret Garden Entrance) and stretch while riding the moving platform in the obstacle course zone.

Deep Woods

  • 3 Coins: On a log near one of the glowing planters in the Deep Woods. Access the Deep Woods by falling off a ledge anywhere in the Forest Kingdom.
  • 3 Coins: Along the outer edge of the Deep Woods, find a big rock next to a tall tree. The big rock has a strange green dot on top – capture it and move the rock to reveal a crawlspace with three coins.
  • 3 Coins: In the corner of the Deep Woods, find a large log hanging over the bottomless pit below. There are three coins at the top.

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