Super Mario Odyssey: Lake Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

The lair of the Lochladies has been invaded by another Broodal, and it’s up to our hero to save the day and bring peace to the Lake Kingdom as we continue to track down Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. The main man, Mario, will have to hold his breathe because lots of the Lake Kingdom takes place underwater. Thankfully, Cappy comes in handy — he can capture those fishy Cheep Cheeps and swim all day long without worrying about oxygen.

The Lake Kingdom is a pretty small place compared to some other levels, but it’s densely packed with objectives and extra stuff to explore. Making it through the main story objective won’t take long, but fully unlocking every nook and cranny above or below the lake is going to take some time. Don’t forget to return after defeating the Broodal boss — more challenges and Power Moons will become available when the Lake Kingdom isn’t under an immediate threat from Bowser’s bunny-baddies.

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Lake Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

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01: Broodals Over the Lake

To reach the Broodal boss and earn x3 Power Moons, unzip the alcove directly north of the landing site, swim to the main lake, enter the Underwater Plaza bubble from the top to get to the roof, then hit the P Switch. Swim to the top of the shaft and you’ll be on your way to the big bad Broodal.

02: Dorrie-Back Rider

You can’t miss this one. It’s floating on the back of that big blue sea creature Dorrie near the Underwater Entrance flag.

03: Cheep Cheep Crossing

Directly above the Underwater Entrance flag, capture a Cheep Cheep fish and swim into the middle-top alcove built into the wall above the tunnel exit.

04: End of the Hidden Passage

From the Courtyard flag, jump to the high-jump flower and reach the platform built into the wall high above the Underwater Entrance flag. Capture the zipper and unzip the hidden passage to reach the moon inside the suspended cage.

05: What’s in the Box?

After swimming to the top of the Underwater Plaza through the rooftop shaft, press the P Switch and use the high-jump flower to reach the platforms on the cliff’s edge. Smash the glowing box to make this Power Moon appear.

08: Treasure in the Spiky Water

In the underwater tunnels north of the Odyssey landing point, sink and swim to the fork in the road with the bubble / coin combo in an alcove. Follow the right path to discover a chest with this moon.

10: Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

After defeating the boss, find a scarecrow on the floating platform at the surface above and west of the Underwater Entrance flag. Activate the scarecrow, then ground pound into the water – continue to ground pound, even underwater, to reach the Power Moon fast enough.

11: Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

The second challenge is found at the Broodal boss arena, at the Water Plaza Terrace flag.

12: Moon Shards in the Lake

To get this moon, you’ll need to find five moon shards. 1) On the pillar right next to the Underwater Entrance flag. 2) Down the hill from the flag, enter the little caged area with a Cheep Cheep. 3) Drop through the top of the bubble to the left of the main entranceway. 4) Through the cave blocked by four boxes, to the right of the main entranceway to the big bubble. 5) Under the rock formation jutting from the right wall.

13: Taking Notes: Dive and Swim

Right under the water near the Odyssey Landing Area, dive into the lake and swim down to grab the music note, initiating an early timed challenge.

14: Taking Notes: In the Cliffside

Above the Water Plaza Entrance flag, surface in the lake and look for a high-jump flower on the left that leads to a pipe. Enter the pipe and touch the music note to start a timed challenge.

15: Lake Fishing

After defeating the Broodal boss, a Lakitu will appear above the water at the Courtyard flag. Capture him and catch the biggest fish under the water.

16: I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep!

Capture a Cheep Cheep and swim up to the floating platform above the Underwater Plaza. There’s a platform with a bubble at the bottom. Jump out of the water with the Cheep Cheep and enter the aquarium in the center of the island.

17: Our Secret Little Room

Enter the room down the narrow hallway behind the Water Plaza Entrance flag. Talk to the fish-lady inside!

18: Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad

Swim to the bottom of the super-deep hole right next to the Water Plaza Entrance flag. At the bottom, enter the bubble where Captain Toad is camping to get his Power Moon.

19: Shopping in Lake Lamode

Easy! Just buy it from the Crazy Cap store in Lake Lamode for 100 coins.

20: A Successful Repair Job

Enter the Red / Gold Cappy door in the bubble room to the left of the Underwater Plaza Entrance flag. After defeating the Broodal boss, the rubble will be removed. Go inside and possess the statue block and solve the puzzle.

21: I Feel Underdressed

Purchase the Swimwear from Crazy Cap and then talk to the Lochelady beside the locked door on the second floor of the Underwater Plaza. She’ll open the door for you – when you’re inside the display room, throw Cappy and hold him in place while he spins on the empty dress display mannequin.

22: Unzip the Chasm

To the right of the Underwater Plaza Entrance flag, swim to the chasm wall and you’ll find a zipper. Unzip and enter the Cappy door, then complete the obstacle course to get a Power Moon.

23: Super-Secret Zipper

Enter the secret zipper area to the right of the Underwater Plaza Entrance flag, on the cliff wall. Inside, after unzipping and dropping the second platform, you’ll see some stone steps on the far side of the chamber. Throw Cappy to reveal hidden blocks. Unzip the wall up the steps, then unzip the smaller section to drift down to this hidden Power Moon hideaway.

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