Fancy Yourself a Gaming-Expo Sized Treat? PAX East Tix are now on Sale

The Penny Arcade Expo, more commonly known as PAX, is an annual celebration of video and tabletop games that blossomed beyond its Bellevue roots into a multinational hit.

PAX might be done for 2017, but the folks behind PAX East just announced that badges are officially on sale for PAX East 2018. This is also the first time PAX East will be running for four days instead of the original three, which naturally makes us wonder if PAX West, PAX South and PAX Aus will follow suit. PAX co-founder Jerry Holkins believes an extension of the event is the best way to reach more fans:

“While my biggest joy is helping bring millions of gamers together at PAX, my biggest disappointment is not being able to share the experience with more people…With PAX East’s expansion to four days, we expect even more people will be able to join us for our best show yet at PAX East 2018.”

Badges for PAX East can be purchased here (Saturday has sold out) and start at $53 USD a piece. There is a limit of four badges per person. Exclusive PAX East merchandise is also available and includes socks, dice, and a blanket, all sporting PAX East’s iconic red and black.

PAX East will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 5 – 8, 2018.