Super Mario Odyssey: Wooded Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

The Wooded Kingdom isn’t what it appears in Super Mario Odyssey. A soothing forest slowly reveals a massive “living factory” in this robot-run Iron Mountain of madness. Poison-spitting piranha plants and Bowser’s tanks patrol the roads leading to the Garden Towers, and it’s up to Mario to save the day. There are two bosses to battle in this extended zone, and seemingly every corner hides yet another Power Moon.

The full area can’t be explored until after you’ve defeated the robotic big boss in the Secret Flower Field at the end of the main story quest. When he’s beaten, you can return to the top of the Iron Mountain and activate platforms to reach the Observation Deck. Here, at the highest point on the map, you can capture a friendly glider guy. You can spin circles around the Wooded Kingdom and skip entire platforming areas to earn easy Power Moons — if you can spot the nuts from far away.

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Wooded Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

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01: Road to Sky Garden

The first objective is straightforward – reach the Iron Road: Halfway Point flag and defeat the giant piranha plant. To do that, you’ll need to talk to the Sphynx at the Odyssey Landing Area and solve his riddle (flowers) to proceed. Climb the Iron Road path, and when you face off against the giant plant, throw Cappy at it and jump on it.

02: Flower Thieves of Sky Garden

This quick (triple!) dose of Power Moons is another boss battle objective. Reach the top of the Sky Garden Tower and defeat Spewart – use Cappy to clear the poison, knock off the bunny bad guy’s hat, then stomp on his head three times to defeat him.

03: Path to the Secret Flower Field

Behind the Sphynx tunnel, you’ll now find a battalion of tanks! Capture one and blast through the rocky wall, then climb the Iron Mountain to eventually reach another field of tanks at the top. There’s a Bowser device that spews rolling bombs. Blast the four spinning Bowser icons to destroy the machine and unlock the path to the last objective.

04: Defend the Secret Flower Field

Defeat the massive mechanical boss in the Secret Flower Field to get three Power Moons. To defeat the boss, you’ll need to capture a stretchy enemy and stretch into the glass bottom, then do the same thing to smash all three of its weak points to make him vulnerable again. Avoid the lasers and stretch / jump to escape incoming attacks between phases.

05: Behind the Rock Wall

At the second tank area, you’ll need to shoot the rocks to clear a path up the wall to the Summit Path flag. Shoot the top-left corner to reveal a hidden Power Moon.

06: Back Way Up the Mountain

Near the Iron Mountain Path, Station 8, grab a stretching enemy and break the gray blocks in the corner of the grassy area. Reach the end of the 2D Mario sequence.

07: Rolling Rock in the Woods

Behind the Odyssey, and behind a tree to the right, you’ll find a rock between four bushes. Kick the rock to make it glow, and continue to kick it to find a hidden Power Moon inside.

08: Caught Hopping in the Forest

Catch the wily bunny near the Odyssey Landing Zone to get his Power Moon.

09: Thanks for the Charge!

Stomp on the glowing spot in the right Charging Station, near the Forest Charging Station flag.

10: Atop the Tall Tree

In the area with the stretching creatures Mario can capture, in the southeast corner of the map, look for a tall tree with a platform sticking out. Capture a stretcher, and stretch to each platform until you find a hard shell plant. Jump on the shell a few times with the stretcher to reveal a Power Moon.

11: Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel

From the previous Moon, enter the tunnel with the stream to the north. At the end of the tunnel, there’s a fireball-throwing troopa. Above him, there’s a hard-to-reach ledge with another acorn-like hard shell. Stretch with a captured stretching creature, then jump – while jumping (exiting the stretch) – escape with Mario. You’ll have just enough height to reach the ledge.

12: Over the Cliff’s Edge

Reach the tank area past the Forest Charging Station flag. To the right of the rocky wall you’ll need to blast with a captured tank, there’s a tricky series of platforms. Reach the corner and drop down to an obstacle course with poles. Swing to the end to collect your Power Moon inside a nut.

13: The Nut Around the Corner

Behind the Sphynx, turn left as you exit the tunnel and go around the building on the west edge of the map. Capture a stretcher and cross the floor of crumbling platforms to reach a nut with a Power Moon inside.

14: Climb the Cliff to Get the Nut

From the Odyssey Landing Area, climb the outer wall to an upper area with stretching creatures. Capture one and enter the stream tunnel and unlock the door. Next, climb the cliffs to the right to reach this nut.

15: The Nut in the Red Maze

Enter the red maze as you follow the path up from the Iron Road Entrance flag. Inside the maze, use the stretcher to break through the gray blocks but leave one set intact – from those blocks, go up to the upper-right corner to find this nut with a Power Moon inside.

16: The Nut at the Dead End

Drop down to the hidden ledge below the Iron Road: Halfway Point flag and circle around to find a stretching enemy. Capture him and continue down the dead end path to locate this nut / Power Moon.

17: Cracked Nut on a Crumbling Tower

Activate the plant bridge from the Iron Bridge: Halfway Point flag and climb the tower surrounded by crumbling platforms to your right.

18: The Nut that Great on the Tall Fence

At the Iron Mountain Path: Station 8 flag, grab a stretching enemy and drop down to the grassy ledge to the left of the flag. Cross the crumbling platforms and reach the opposite end of the tall section of the red fence. Turn around to spot the nut!

19: Fire in the Cave

Climb onto the platform above the Iron Road Entrance flag and look in the back-left corner of the area with the poison-spitting piranha plants. There’s a path that leads to a scarecrow. Activate it with Cappy and defeat the fireball-throwing koopa inside to earn a moon.

20: Hey Out There, Captain Toad!

Reach the Observation Deck flag and capture the gliding creature. Jump from the long plank and glide to the small floating island in the distance. That’s where Captain Toad is hiding in this kingdom.

21: Love in the Forest Ruins

Stack up the goombas in the enclosure near the Forest Charging Station flag and approach Goombette on the high platform to earn a Power Moon.

22: Inside A Rock in the Forest

Return to the Odyssey Landing Zone with a tank from the Summit Path and destroy the rock blocks to discover a hidden Power Moon location.

23: Shopping in Steam Gardens

Purchase the Power Moon for 100 coins at the Crazy Cap store to get this one.

24: Nut Planted in the Tower

Grab a stretching creature in the Sky Garden Tower. After pressing the second P Switch, follow the plant bridge right to find an alcove. Stretch inside that alcove and crack open the nut.

25: Stretching Your Legs

Bring a stretching enemy to the top of the Sky Garden Tower interior to reach this. It’s floating above the center pillar before the exit door.

26: Spinning-Platforms Treasure

Grab the Glider at the Observation Deck after defeating the boss and fly east of the island to spot spinning platforms. Fly over and complete the obstacle course (or drop from the end of the 2D Mario section) to reach a green pipe, leading to a nut.

27: Make the Secret Flower Field Bloom

Go to the Secret Flower Field boss arena and make all three circles of flower buds bloom in quick succession. Motion controls will make this challenge much easier!

28: Rolling Rock in the Deep Woods

Kick the rock resting right next to the southern ledge of the Deep Woods area. It’s right against the rocky ridge, and one kick will make the rock glow. Keep kicking to unlock a Power Moon.

29: Glowing in the Deep Woods

Find the pond in the Deep Woods and activate the scarecrow to make the Power Moon appear. It’s off in the darkness, so just keep trying until you find the right direction.

30: Past the Peculiar Pipes

Enter the green pipe along the outer edges of the Deep Forest area. When you enter the pipe, follow these directions; right, left, and back-right.

31: By the Babbling Brook in the Deep Woods

Near the top of the Deep Woods hill, capture the T-Rex and smash a pile of rock blocks to reveal a glowing spot. Ground pound the spot to make this Power Moon appear.

32: The Hard Rock in the Deep Woods

In the Deep Woods, move toward the bottomless pit and find the unbreakable rock blocks near a tree. Smash them with the T-Rex and ground pound the glowing spot.

33: A Treasure Made From Coins

Capture the Coin Purse enemy in the Deep Woods and then find the lake for a small flower bud. Feed the bud about 700 gold coins to make it bloom into a Power Moon.

34: Beneath the Roots of the Moving Tree

Along the outer edges of the Deep Forest, climb a hill with a single tree at the top. Capture the tree and ground pound the flowing spot.

35: Deep Woods Treasure Trap

In the Deep Woods, search around the giant tree in the center to find a green pipe. Go inside and open the chests in this order; right, left, middle.

36: Exploring for Treasure

Purchase the Explorer outfit from the Crazy Cap store and talk to the robot near the waterfall upstream in the Deep Woods. He’ll unlock the door if you’re wearing the Explorer outfit.

37: Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

The scarecrow for this challenge appears after defeating the second boss. Return to the Iron Road: Halfway Point flag and the timer challenge is right next to the checkpoint.

38: Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

After defeating the second boss in this kingdom, return to the Forest Charging Station flag and activate the scarecrow on one of the charging station pads.

39: Flooding Pipeway

Dive into the water near the Iron Road Entrance flag and enter the flooding pipeway challenge. Complete the obstacle course to find this moon.

40: Flooding Pipeway Ceiling Secret

Inside the Flooding Pipeway obstacle course, when you reach a tunnel with a roof early on, in a small section out of the water (if the water has raised) – look up to see a black space. Crouch and high-jump into the area, then wall-jump to get inside and grab this Power Moon.

41: Wandering in the Fog

Ride the rocket at the top of the small tower near the Forest Charging Station flag and collect all five Moon Shards. One is pretty tricky – you’ll need to capture a flying Goomba and check underneath the starting platform.

42: Nut Hidden in the Fog

Underneath the second platform in the foggy zone you’ll reach with the rocket at the Forest Charging Station flag, float down to find a hidden alcove with a Power Moon / nut.

43: Flower Road Run

Enter the Cappy door behind the steep Summit Path flag ramp and complete the flower bridge obstacle course to earn a Power Moon.

44: Flower Road Reach

Behind the steep ramp at the Summit Path flag, wall-jump up to a Cappy door. Get inside and create a tall goomba stack to reach the tall tower.

45: Elevator Escalation

From the Summit Path flag, sprint up the steep ramp and enter the Cappy door in the upper-right corner. Complete the obstacle course to get a Power Moon.

46: Elevator Blind Spot

In the “Elevator Escalation” obstacle course, capture the first tank you see then immediately turn around before activating the switch. There’s a rocky spot on a high ledge behind you that you can shoot with the tank’s cannon.

47: Walking on Clouds

Collect a seed from the robot near the Secret Flower Garden Entrance and place it in the planter at the Observation Deck flag. Reach the end of the obstacle course to claim your prize!

48: Above the Clouds

In the same obstacle course as the previous moon, stretch up tall on the platform you can reach while the moving platform continues without you – there’s a hidden Power Moon before the end.

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