Super Mario Odyssey: Lost Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

After an explosive encounter with the diabolical Bowser, Mario and Cappy find themselves trapped on the Lost Kingdom. This surprise island is where you’ll land while taking a trip over to the Metro Kingdom, about halfway through Super Mario Odyssey. It’s a deadly place, with killer purple poison flowing all around the miniscule island.

Despite its size, there’s plenty to see and do, and Mario will need all the Power Moons he can get to repair the Odyssey and continue the search for Bowser and Princess Peach. The island holds all sorts of unique secrets — weird wiggly caterpillars and stone ruins for you to interact with, along with a really tall mountain with a Crazy Cap store at the top. See where to get enough Power Moons to escape with the guide below.

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Lost Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

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01: Atop a Propeller Pillar

From Swamp Hill, you’ll reach a “propeller” pillar that’s shaped like a plus-sign. From the first plus-sign spinning platform, go right to find this easy-to-spot Power Moon.

02: Below the Cliff’s Edge

East of the Swamp Hill flag, go to the northeast corner of the Lost Kingdom map and look down for a hidden ledge.

03: Inside the Stone Cage

Cross the bridge from the Odyssey Landing Zone and you’ll see two rising stone pillar steps. Climb the steps on the right to Swamp Hill, then go left and stomp the pillar to the left to uncover the entrance to the cave containing a Power Moon.

04: On a Tree in the Swamp

At the Swamp Hill flag, capture a caterpillar and walk around the edge of the area to reach the rising steps / pillars in the poison. Stomp to raise up the outer pillars, then re-capture a caterpillar and stretch around the tree.

05: Over the Fuzzies, Above the Swamp

At the Mountainside Platform flag, capture a caterpillar and stretch around (and right) of the fuzzies when the platforms touch.

06: Avoiding Fuzzies in the Wall

Complete the 2D Mario section through the Cappy door next to the Mountainside Platform flag.

07: Inside the Rising Stone Pillar

Next to the Swamp Hill flag, after stomping the rising pillar steps, you’ll find this Power Moon inside a secret alcove inside the pillar.

08: Enjoying the View of Forgotten Isle

Above the tree at the very top of the kingdom, next to the Rocky Mountain Summit flag.

09: On the Mountain Road

While climbing the mountain across the propeller pillars from Swamp Hill, you’ll have to bust through two barriers of rock blocks. Past the second rock block barrier, you’ll find a sign and a glowing patch of ground. Ground pound the glowing area to find this buried Power Moon.

10: A Propeller Pillar’s Secret

Between Swamp Hill and the Iron Mountain, Mario will need to jump across a “propeller” pillar. That’s the plus-sign shaped spinning platform. Ground pound the platform where the butterflies are floating.

11: Wrecked Rock Block

East of the Swamp Hill flag, find the glowing rock block in the corner of the area with the patrolling bomber enemies. Throw Cappy at one, and then lure him into breaking the glowing rock block.

12: A Butterfly’s Treasure

Drop down onto the ledge below the top of the Rocky Mountain Summit flag and find the long narrow rock walkway sticking out from the mountain with a single butterfly. Slowly approach and throw Cappy to collect the bug’s Power Moon.

14: Cave Gardening

Drop down onto the ledge with Talkatoo from the Rocky Mountain Summit flag and enter the cave. Throw Cappy at all four rows of flower buds to make a Power Moon appear.

15: Moon Shards in the Jungle

North of the Mountainside Platform flag, collect all five shards on the tree stumps above the poison sea. One is located behind the large tree, and another is inside a narrow hidey-hole in the cliff.

16: Peeking Out from Under the Bridge

Capture a caterpillar and use the roots from the trees in the poison north of the Odyssey Landing Zone to reach this Power Moon floating beneath the bridge.

18: Soaring Over Forgotten Isle!

From the Rocky Mountain Summit, capture the glider and fly down to the island in the far southwest corner of the map.

20: Get Some Rest, Captain Toad

In the corner of the area with the “Moon Shards in the Jungle” Power Moon, use a caterpillar to stretch to a secret doorway in the back-right corner.

21: Shopping on Forgotten Isle

Reach the Rocky Mountain Summit to shop at the Crazy Cap store to buy the Power Moon for 100 coins.

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