Super Mario Odyssey: All 50 Purple Coins Locations | Lost Kingdom

The Lost Kingdom might look like a remote island in Super Mario Odyssey, but there’s still a Crazy Cap store at the top of the rocky mountain with unique souvenirs and outfits to buy with these hard-to-find Purple Coins. You’ll find regional currency, even on a completely lost island, and it’s totally worth it — the cool Pilot outfit is one of Mario’s best, and it’s fitting for a crash landing like this.

When you’re not dodging explosive little pill bugs or jumping over a sea of purple poison, the tropical Lost Kingdom is actually pretty nice. You’ll need to reach the top of the Rocky Mountain to get your hands on a helpful glider — he makes collecting the last Purple Coins possible. Just look off in the far distance and check your map for unreachable islands… or browse through the gallery / text locations below for all the clues you’ll need.

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All 50 Purple Coins Locations | Lost Kingdom


Odyssey Landing Zone

  • 3 Coins: On a tiny island south of the Odyssey Landing Zone.
  • 2 Coins: Above the trees, in the northwest corner of the Odyssey Landing Zone
  • 3 Coins: Stick to the east shore and move north from the Landing Zone. Ahead, you’ll find a Moon Block – left of that, there are three coins.

Mountainside Platform

  • 2 Coins: Before climbing Swamp Hill, go left at the tall rising pillar and capture the stretching caterpillar. Stretch across the gaps with the gold rings and look left – two coins are behind the tree in the poison near the Mountainside Platform flag.
  • 3 Coins: Inside the 2D Mario section, through the Cappy door next to the Mountainside Platform flag.
  • 2 Coins: Climb the pole from the bottom-up near the Mountainside Platform flag.
  • 4 Coins: Climb another pole, this one is close to the entrance to the Mountainside Platform flag area.

Swamp Hill

  • 3 Coins: Floating next to the poison waterfall in the northeast corner of the map.
  • 4 Coins: At the Swamp Hill flag, stretch over the poison with a Caterpillar to grab these coins.
  • 2 Coins: Above the tree right next to the Swamp Hill flag.
  • 3 Coins: Capture a caterpillar and walk over the poison waterfalls along the edge of Swamp Hill. There are three coins suspended up the ramp.
  • 2 Coins: From Swamp Hill, drop down the west waterfall on the edge. There’s a tree with two coins suspended over the Mountainside Platform area.
  • 2 Coins: On the first plus-sign-shaped platform, going south from Swamp Hill.
  • 3 Coins: From the plus-sign-shaped platform, go right to the second similar platform. There’s a Power Moon above the spinning platform, and three coins in the cliff ledge to the left, protected by another caterpillar.
  • 3 Coins: From the previous coins, stretch around the corner to the right.

Rocky Mountain Summit

  • 2 Coins: South of the Talkatoo marker on your map, find the triangle-shaped flower buds. There’s a lower platform with two coins nearby.
  • 4 Coins: On a tree in the far northwest corner of the map. Reachable with the glider at the Rocky Mountain Summit flag.
  • 3 Coins: From the Rocky Mountain Summit, drop down onto the ledge below where Talkatoo is located. Along the cliff, there’s a single block Mario can break that leads into a hidden alcove.

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