Super Mario Odyssey: All 50 Purple Coins Locations | Snow Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey likes to throw a curveballs, and the Snow Kingdom turns out to be a very different place than what we first imagined. Instead of a frozen tundra filled with snowmen, you’ll instead spend most of your time completing challenges in Shiveria Town, a warm village at the bottom of an ice well.

The friendly citizens of Shiveria Town love racing, but Bowser has their pastime locked away behind four barriers. Each of the four rooms in Shiveria Town features an array of purple coins you can collect and trade-in for cold-weather clothes and the usual slate of souvenirs. You’ll need to complete the main quest, too — at first, the surface area is impossible to explore due to a blizzard. After finishing the race, you’ll be free to check out everything the glacier has to offer.

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All 50 Purple Coins Locations | Snow Kingdom


Odyssey Landing Zone

  • 2 Coins: Look right behind the Odyssey at the Landing Zone.

Shiveria Town

  • 4 Coins: Drop down the snow well and enter Shiveria Town. After falling down the wall, turn around and look right of the green pipe.

Wind-Chill Cavern

  • 7 Coins: There are seven coins total floating in the Wind-Chill Cavern. Capture the last gusty wind-blowing cloud enemies and you’ll be able to grab the floating coins.

Snowy Mountain

  • 3 Coins: Up the first gust at the Snowy Mountain, look on the ledge to the left as you float up.
  • 3 Coins: Find the secret Power Moon in the Snowy Mountain area and drop down the gap – it isn’t bottomless, there are three coins down below.

Icicle Cavern

  • 3 Coins: At the top of the Icicle Cavern, you’ll need to bring 6 or 7 goombas to the top of the giant icicle. The coins are too high to reach without help from a goomba stack.
  • 4 Coins: In the same room as the previous coins, wall-jump up the narrow shaft – there are multiple areas. Look for the spinning shadows that appear under coins.

Hollow Crevasse

  • 3 Coins: As you enter the Hollow Crevasse, turn left and wait for the bite-y things under the snow to rise up. High-jump at the left corner (under the spinning coin shadows) to reach the coins.
  • 3 Coins: While moving toward the exit of the Hollow Crevasse, ride the second bite-y monster and jump up to reach floating coins.

Racing Circuit

  • 3 Coins: Drop down the barrier hole in the center of Shiveria Town and enter the Changing Room. Go right and through the pile of snow.
  • 4 Coins: After Capturing the Shiverian racer in the Changing Room, roll up the ramp and you’ll find four coins. Use “Bound” to reach them.

Above the Ice Well

  • 2 Coins: Left of the Above the Ice Well flag, or west on the map, look for a lower ledge with two coins.
  • 3 Coins: Dive into the water north of the Above the Ice Well flag and capture a purple fish to collect the three coins floating under the chilly water.

Surface Map

  • 4 Coins: On the south wall of the topside Snow Kingdom map, look for three alcoves in the outer edge of the map. Break the ice and run through the areas between the three openings to find four coins.
  • 2 Coins: In the southwestern corner of the surface Snow Kingdom map.

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