Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – True Easter Egg Guide | Hardcore Walkthrough

For the hardcore Nazi Zombies enthusiast, there’s only one true ending to The Final Reich. On a standard playthrough of the first survival map in Call of Duty: WW2, in-game objectives basically lead your team of four undead-fighting allies through every step of the “casual” Easter egg.

Well, there’s an even harder, even more obscure Easter egg to complete. We’ve got all the convoluted steps for you to follow in the complete hardcore Easter egg walkthrough. You’ll have to complete the standard Easter egg, or at least be familiar with all the steps, before even attempting the hardcore “Dark Reunion” quest.

Here’s your first hint — you’ll need all four Tesla Gun elemental variants to get started. The rest just gets trickier from there.

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True Easter Egg Guide | Hardcore Walkthrough

To complete the true, hardcore Easter egg and unlock the “Dark Reunion” achievement / trophy, you’ll first need to become familiar with the casual Easter egg — that’s the basic quest that appears in-game every time you play The Final Reich map. The hardcore version of the Easter egg must be completed alongside the casual Easter egg. For step-by-step instructions, use the guide here:

This guide will focus only on the hardcore Easter egg. I recommend completing “Fireworks” first, then when you’re with an experienced team, you can then attemp “Dark Reunion.

How To Reach The Hardcore Mode Ending

To complete the hardcore Easter egg, you’ll need to upgrade the Tesla Gun with all four of the elemental variants. Each player in your team will need one of the elemental upgrades.

  • At the Point of No Return step in the casual Easter egg, right before the final boss fight, you’ll need to get all 4 Tesla Gun variants.

Do not shoot the glowing hilt in the Emperor’s Chamber with your Tesla Gun! If you do, you’ll be locked into the casual Easter egg final boss battle.

Recommended Setup: Play with a full team to earn more points and spawn more zombies. It makes upgrading all four Tesla Guns much easier.

Step #0: Get All 4 Tesla Gun Variants

Getting all the Tesla Gun variants is an important step in this Easter egg. It’s the only way to truly get the hardcore Easter egg started. For help unlocking all four variants, check out the guide here:

After getting all the Tesla Guns, let’s move on to the hardcore Easter egg proper.

Step #1: Restore Power to the Pub

This is going to soung strange, so bear with us. Go to Riverside and face the outer wall — look for a rooster-shaped weathervane on the stone wall and interact with it. It will spin and point in a direction. Look in the direction, it will point at one of three spots, and shoot the glowing white light.

That causes the water-wheel down by the docks entrance to the Sewers to spin. Some exposed circuitry will appear on the water-wheel — shoot the wires with an upgraded Tesla Gun variant to restore power to the Pub.

Now that power is restored, you can interact with the record player inside.

Step #2: Collect and place the 3 Tops

Here’s where things get difficult. In random spots on the map, you’ll find 3 tops that spawn on rooftops around the surface village. Get the green, red, and yellow tops toys — look on the rooftops right above the paths in the Town Square, Riverside, Courtyard, Pub, or Village Entrance areas.


[Image Source: NoahJ456 on Youtube]

Shoot the locations show in the gallery above, discovered by Youtuber NoahJ456. The tops will spawn in about 10 locations. To collect them, shoot down the hard-to-spot tops and pick them up off the ground where they fall.

Insert the three tops into three gray “slots” in the toy display case to the right of the bunker door in the Village Square.

Step #3: Solve the Enigma Code Puzzle

Now that you’ve placed the tops, look in the zombie spawn windows in the Town Square, Riverside, Courtyard, Pub and Village Entrance. Inside, look for enigma machines with a large ribbonswrite down the number displayed on each enigma machine.

Why? Each enigma machine with a bow — either red, green, or yellow — will give you one of the code combinations. Input the code by interacting with the embedded tops in the toy display case in the Town Square. Each dial has a black pointer — input the code like a clock face.

As long as you have two enigma machine numbers, you’ll be able to solve the code combo — just spin the third top until you get the right combination. If you only have one code number, you can still solve the puzzle — input the corresponding code into the identical colored top, then guess the other two numbers.

When the code is correctly input, the tops will lock in place and you’ll be able to collect the record from the toy display.

Step #4: Reset the Bunker Power

  • NOTE: Before finishing this step, you’ll need a Burner zombie head. Kill the boss and leave the head in the lower floor of the Command room.

Place the record on the record player in the Pub, then return to the Command room in the bunker. After playing the record, you’ll need to reset the power switches — use the switch in the Laboratory, then the switch in the Morgue, then return to the Command room. Opposite the taller section of Command, to the right of the Salt Mine door, you’ll find a panel has opened up to reveal a third power switch. Turn that switch too.

After turning on all three power switches, a panel will open up to the left of the third power switch. Shoot the exposed coils with an upgraded Tesla Gun and the lights will go out.

Step #5: Unlock the Bunker Safes

Grab the Burner zombie hear — find a grey metal panel embedded in the wall to the left of the stairs to the Morgue and the Laboratory. Shine the Burner head’s light on each to make bloodstains appear.

Do this before the lights turn back on. When the lights are back, return to each of those panels and interact with the numbers on the bottom row — just spin each until you find a glowing blue print. You’ll need to be very precise with your aim to interact with each tiny dial.

Unlock both panels and collect the half-discs inside. Take both parts and insert them in a small stone circle behind the hilt device in the Emperor’s Chamber, directly beneath the statue itself.

Complete this step, and you’ll unlock the Red Talon, a powerful sword you’ll need for the following steps.

Step #6: Charge the Record Player

Return to the pub with the Red Talon and listen to the record player. When a new song starts, the timer will begin — you’ll need to kill 30-50 zombies before the song on the record player finishes playing. You must only use the Red Talon sword for these kills.

Get all the kills inside the Pub, near the record player so the souls charge the machine. The Red Talon sword will gain an upgrade after about 5-7 kills, launching a red energy wave with each swing that kils more than one zombie.

NOTE: The Pest Zombie rounds are the easiest rounds to complete this step.

Keep getting kills until the record player stops, reverses, and begins to click strangely. That’s when the next step begins.

Step #7: Get the Record Player Code

This step seems tough, but it’s easier than you might think. Listen to the Record Player and wait for a long pause, then count the number of clicks between each shorter pause — the number of clicks will tell you the number. It’s a four digit code.

  • Example: Three clicks, pause, four clicks, pause, one click, pause, two clicks, long pause.
    • Code: 3, 4, 1, 2

Step #8: Input the Second Voice of God

Return to the Emperor’s Chamber and make sure you’ve completed the casual Easter egg to the last step — with the hilt in a glowing orb, ready to be shot with the Tesla Gun to initiate the final battle.

Next, input the four Record Player numbers into the ‘Voice of God’ device. That’s the center device between the two ‘Hands of God’. When entering the Emperor’s Chamber from the Salt Mine, enter the code in this order; far-left, center-left, center-right, far-right. (Ex. Far-left = 3, Center-Left = 4, Center-Right = 1, Far-Right = 2)

Hold interact on the input button to enter the code. Finally, shoot the chandelier above the hilt with all four Tesla Gun variants.

Step #9: The Hardcore Final Boss

After shooting the chandelier with all four Tesla Guns, an animation will appear, and swirling energy will fly down into the hilt. Shoot the hilt orb with your Tesla Guns and collect the hilt to intitiate the final boss battle like normal.

  • NOTE: The Panzermorder boss fight plays out exactly the same way. Shoot the blimp, collect and charge the batteries, plant them on the stunned Panzermorder, etc.

The cutscene at the end is slightly different — if you’re impatient, check out the complete cutscene with the true ending below. For completing the hardcore Easter egg, you’ll unlock the “Dark Reunion” achievement / trophy. That’s one more Nazi abomination defeated.

[Watch the full true ending cutscene here, recorded by Youtuber MrDalekJD.]

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