Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – Survive Longer With Armor | New Juggernog Guide

Juggernog is dead. Long live Juggernog! Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies changes the formula with an entirely new health system, and that means the most useful perk has to go. But don’t worry, something new has replaced Juggernog, giving your character more hits before you’re downed. Instead of Juggernog, you’ll need to purchase extra armor.

There’s one major downside to armor — you may have to purchase it multiple times, unless you’re really good. Basically, the bonus armor pips that appear on your character portrait can be destroyed by a zombie. Rather than provide an infinite enhancement, the armor is a temporary upgrade that is destroyed when you’re on your last legs. Learn all about armor and how it works in “The Final Reich” with the quickie guide below.

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Survive Longer With Armor | New Juggernog Guide

Juggernog is gone in “The Final Reich” — it’s been replaced by a different system. Instead of purhasing a perk and enjoying permanent toughness, you’ll find three armor machines in the map.

  • How Armor Works:
    • Armor is visually depicted on your character portrait in the lower-left corner of the screen.
    • There are three armor “Shields” on your portrait when you purchase armor.
    • When you’re in the red, almost-dead state, armor will prevent you from being downed.
    • You’ll lose a shield every time one is expended to save your life.
    • Spending points on the “Geist’s Child” machines will restore / add the shield pips.

When you start a new game, you won’t start with any armor at all. You’ll need to find the “Geistschild” machines and spend points to gain three shields. The machine starts cheaper than the Juggernog, but becomes more expensive after every use.


  • Geist’s Child Armor Machine – Points Cost
    1. 500 points
    2. 1500 points
    3. 2500 points
    4. 5000 points
    5. 7500 points
    6. 10000 points

In addition to the armor machines, you can also select a character perk to start the game with three armor pips. This is a pretty good perk, but it’s also temporary — you’ll lose those armor pips after taking too much damage.

The armor system adds a layer of complication that wasn’t really there in the original Zombies maps. Now, you’ll take 3-4 hits before going down, but any armor you posses will save you for up to 3 more hits — in a way, that’s actually better than Juggernog. Just be careful with your points! Too much damage and you can spend a lot just to stay alive in later rounds.

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