Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How To Turn On The Power | First Step Guide

Turning on the power isn’t so simple in Call of Duty: WW2. Like in previous Zombies maps, power is pretty vital — you’ll need it to access every area of the map, and you’ll need it to unlock perk machines. The Pack-a-Punch and the main Easter egg quest all require power, and it’s going to take more than flipping a single switch.

It’s really more like three switches. The power isn’t centralized this time around, so you’ll have to activate separate power switches for the Sewers and the bunker. The Command area features two separate power switches, and both of them need to be activated if you want to fully explore the map. If you want to access the Weapon Upgrade Station and truly begin the Easter egg hunt, here’s the first step you’ll want to to take.

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How To Turn On The Power | First Step Guide

There are, essentially, two generators you’ll need to activate to turn on power for this map. The first is located in the Sewers, and you’ll need to activate the generators in a specific order — you can’t reach one without activating the other.

#1: How To Activate The Sewers Generator

To turn on Power, leave the Spawn Room (750 points) and reach the Village Square. Here, you’ll need to find and turn three valves — look for wall-mounted valves with pressure gauges. Two are located in the Village Square, the third is found through the door (1000 points) to Riverside.

Return to the Village Square and activate the Pilot Light — that’s the big green button near the sewer hole in the middle of the square. It will turn green once all three valves are turned. Activate the Pilot Light and the wooden covered will blow out, launching burning zombies into the square.

Drop into the Sewers and you’ll find two directions; one is blocked by a door that requires power. Go up the opposite path and activate the Generator in the Sewers, then you can backtrack to the powered door and return to the Village Square.


#2: How To Activate Power To The Bunker

Next, we’ll need to enter the Command area of the map. Unlock the massive bunker door (1250 points) and look for two doors. One leads to the Lab, and the other leads to the Morgue. Collect points and unlock both doors.

Unlock the door near the crank to enter the Lab, then go up the stairs and look in the back-right corner for a large panel. Switch to “ON” in German. Do the same thing in the Morgue, through the door opposite the Lab entrance near that weird device / crank combo.

  • NOTE: You’ll need to flip both switches relatively quickly. A timer will start and reset the switches if they’re not both activated within a set amount of time.

Flip both switches and power will be restored to the entire bunker. All the perk machines will activate, and all the doors (that require power) can be unlocked.

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