Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How To Unlock The Mystery Box | Groesten Haus Guide

The Mystery Box is a staple of Call of Duty: Zombies. These expensive crates produce a random weapon or item every time you spin, and usually they’re the only way to earn the very best items on the map. Locating the Mystery Box is pretty easy on normal maps — but Groesten Haus, the unlockable survival map, doesn’t seem to feature a Mystery Box at all.

There is a Mystery Box in Groesten Haus. Unlocking it requires a little bit of aiming and shooting, but the reward is worth it. It’ll be difficult lasting until Round 30 with only the standard selection of weapons. Below, we’ll explain exactly how to unlock the Mystery Box on this bonus map, complete with a gallery showing all the locations you need to shoot.

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How To Unlock The Mystery Box | Groesten Haus Guide

The second map included with Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: WW2 is Groesten Haus. It’s a very small survival-style map that doesn’t include any Easter egg quest. The goal is just to survive as long as possible before dying to an endless onslaught of undead.

There doesn’t seem to be much to this level — but there is a secret you can uncover; a hidden Mystery Box. The Mystery Box works like any other in the series, but you’ll have to complete a simple step to unlock it.

  • To unlock the Mystery Box Room:
    • Shoot 10 gas lanterns located on the map.

There are 10 lanterns in the small map area. Check out the gallery to find each location, or keep scrolling for text instructions for each lanter.


  • Lantern Locations:
    1. On the wooden column in the center of the 1st floor main room.
    2. On the wooden column near the stairs in the 1st floor main room.
    3. On the German truck hood outside, through the window at the base of the stairs in the 1st floor main room.
    4. Hanging from the ceiling in the 1st floor kitchen.
    5. Above the dining room table in the 1st floor kitchen.
    6. Outside, through the window to the left of the kitchen counters. [Check the gallery.]
    7. To the left of the armor station, on the second floor.
    8. On the table, opposite the armor station on the second floor.
    9. Hanging on the corner to the right of the locked Mystery Box door.
    10. Hanging in the second floor room above the living room.

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