Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How To Get A Free Perk Purchase | Secrets Guide

Because there’s no end to the weird little secrets hidden away in Call of Duty: WW2‘s Nazi Zombies mode, we’re covering yet another new discovery in the world of ‘The Final Reich’ — yes, you can unlock free Perks and Mystery Box spins. All you have to do is find (and kill!) those randomly spawning Treasurer Zombies. What’s a Treasurer Zombie? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Actually, you’ll find most of the details for this weird Easter egg in the quickie guide below, but I’ll introduce the Treasurer Zombie here. We mentioned him in a previous guide when explaining how to unlock secret characters (link below) — Treasurer Zombies are one type of zombie that actually appear just to help you. They spawn tons of power-ups and points, and shooting them can net you even better rewards. They’re totally new to Nazi Zombies, and they’re kind of awesome.

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How To Get A Free Perk Purchase | Secrets Guide

This little secret Easter egg can net you multiple free Perk purchases or even Mystery Box spins in a single session. All you have to do is kill a very special, very specific, and very randomized enemy.

  • The Treasurer Zombie is a special zombie that rewards players instead of harming them. It can’t even attack you!
    • You’ll know a Treasurer Zombie is on the map when you see power-up icons appear.
    • These icons appear where a Treasurer Zombie spawns, and they are visible anywhere — power-up icons resemble small, gray circles.

The Treasure Zombie looks just like a Bomber Zombie. Instead of dropping bombs, the Treasurer Zombie drops power-ups and even more rewards. When you get close, the Treasurer Zombie will retreat and try to hide, but they can be killed if you’re quick.


  • Killing Treasurer Zombies will give you one of two random rewards.
    • When you successfully kill a Treasurer Zombie, you’ll be granted a token for either the Mystery Box or a Perk machine.
    • There is no icon or notification — but when you attempt to use a Perk station or Mystery Box, the point cost will show “0” when you purchase. It’s totally free!

The type of reward isn’t shown, and you won’t get it right away. It may take several rounds before your token is unlocked. Just keep moving close to Mystery Boxes / Perk machines, and eventually you’ll see that the cost is now “0” for one purchase / spin!

There’s a reason you’ll want to keep an eye out for Treasurer Zombies. These friendly undead abominations also drop Gear Sets for hidden characters — so probably a good idea to kill these things whenever you see them spawn.

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