WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – How To Turn On Power | First Objective Guide

The second Power Switch is located in the Artillery Bunker.

The first DLC for Call of Duty: WW2 has landed, and the beleaguered survivors of ‘The Final Reich’ have now entered ‘The Darkest Shore’ — and dark is right. If you want to bring some light to this abandoned Nazi island, you’ll need to flip both power switches. Easier said than done, especially if you don’t even know where to look.

That’s why we’re here to describe what you want to lookout for. Check out the gallery and instructions below for exact instructions. Again, you’ll find more than one power switch, but there’s a twist this time around. The first switch turns on the power to the whole island, and the second switch reactivates a new, completely crazy minecart fast travel system. Go for a spin with the complete power guide below.

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How To Turn On Power | First Objective Guide

Like in the first WW2 Zombies map ‘The Final Reich’, there are two Power Switches you’ll need to flip to activate power across the entire map.

  • NOTE: On the beach, before the first wave, you can use the mounted machine gun to shoot down the zombie horde. It’s located near the path up to the single exit door.

The first switch enables normal power — upgrade dispensers and locked doors — while the second switch will activate the map’s underground minecart network you’ll be able to use for fast travel.


Step #1: Main Power Switch

The first Power Switch will activate power to the main facility and enable all the standard upgrades that appear when you turn on power in most maps. You’ll be able to use (most) anything that requires power.

  1. From the Spawn Room, unlock the door to the Bluffs.
  2. From the Bluffs, unlock the bunker door to the U-Boat Pens.
  3. The Power Switch is located in a dark room at the start of the U-Boat Pens area. The switch itself features a bright white light, setting it apart from the dark red lighting. Go down the stairs and look right. It’s opposite the Crafting Table.

Step #2: The Minecart Power Switch

The secondary Power Switch enables power to the Minecart Fast Travel Network that runs underneath the island and connects three separate areas together. Enabling the minecart network and using all of them is required to unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

  1. Unlock more of the map until you reach the outdoor Overlook area.
  2. From the Overlook, unlock the doors to the Artillery Bunker.
  3. In the back-right room, you’ll find the secondary Power Switch.

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