WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – How To Get The Secret PPSh Wallbuy

The PPSh is still a pretty great weapon for gunning down zombies.

If you love the Russian PPSh submachinegun in Call of Duty: WW2, you’ll love this hidden wallbuy location in ‘The Darkest Shore’ DLC. Normally, you won’t find the fast-firing gun on the map. It’s only available in the Mystery Box. You’ll have to explore the deeper confines of the Underground Tunnels to find it without rolling the dice.

The Underground Tunnels are a special location you can only access from the minecart terminals. While riding minecarts, you won’t be able to move — but you will have to shoot, and shoot fast. The underground tunnels are populated by bomber zombies that explode when you get close. That makes giving your full attention kind of difficult.

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How To Get The Secret PPSh Wallbuy


The PPSh is a Russian-made SMG with a crazy rate-of-fire and a good mount of ammo in a single magazine. It’s one of the better WW2 weapons to use against swarms of zombies, and it’s even better when you Pack-a-Punch it. It doesn’t appear anywhere in the normal map — you can only collect it while riding the underground minecart.

  • To unlock the Minecart Fast Travel System, you’ll need to activate both Power Switches.
    • The first Power Switch is located in the U-Boat Pens hallway.
    • The second Power Switch is located in the Artillery Bunker interior room with the bunks.

Once you’ve restored power to the map and activated the Artillery Bunker power switch, the minecarts will be accessible. There are three minecart entrances, and you can change routes with the switch on the right of the gate.

There is a minecart in the U-Boat Pens, the Beach, and the Bunker 1 area. You can easily access it from the Bunker 1 minecart to the Beach. Look left (you need to look at the red-glowing case) to purchase the PPSh for 1,000 points. You can access this wallbuy from any of the tracks, too — just look right instead of left.

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