WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – All Secret Audio Recordings Locations

Unravel the hidden lore behind ‘The Darkest Shore’, the first Nazi Zombies DLC map for Call of Duty: WW2, with these secret recordings. Like in ‘The Final Reich’, you can find small (and totally hidden) audio recording device scattered around the map. Spotting them is pretty hard when there’s an entire horde of hungry zombies chasing you down. To make life easier, we’ll list where to find all the recordings.

The recordings are narrated by a mysterious character named “Red Riding Hood”, a new figure we know nothing about. They’ve got plenty to say, and finding all of their recordings will reveal more lore hints — if you’re interested in that sort of thing. For the rest of us, this is just another neat secret thing to explore in ‘The Darkest Shore’. Learn all about the locations below, or browse through all our other zombies guide in the following link bank.

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All Secret Dr. Straub Recordings Locations

The Dr. Straub recordings are audio-only logs you can listen to in the Main Menu of Nazi Zombies, under Dossier -> Recordings. When you pick up an audio log, you’ll unlock one of the entries in the Recordings menu. Two of the audio files are exclusively unlocked by completing challenges in ‘The Final Reich’.

  • Audio File 23: Unlocked automatically if you’ve found all the audio files in ‘The Final Reich’.
  • Audio File 24: Unlocked automatically if you’ve found all the audio files in ‘The Final Reich’.

To unlock the rest of the audio files, you’ll need to track down the recorder devices in ‘The Darkest Shore’ map itself.


  • Recorder #1: U-Boat Pens – Under the yellow stairs leading down from the Power Switch hallway down into the main pen. Look under the left side when going down, right side when going up.
  • Recorder #2: Beach Passage – Exiting spawn, look through the bent bars zombie spawn window to the left as you move up the stairs. Move slightly right and look at the small bench behind the left-side of the bars to spot a very tricky to find recorder.
  • Recorder #3: Bunker 3 – In the metal toolbox opposite the battery terminal for Pack-a-Punch. The box is on the cement railing, to the right of the sawblade pick-up.

[NOTE: No interaction icon will appear on your HUD. Hold [Square / X] until the device disappears to collect it.]

For finding these three recorders, you’ll unlock 10 audio recordings. Not a bad exchange rate, right?

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