WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – The Complete Easter Egg Guide | Full Walkthrough

On the titular ‘Darkest Shore’, ready to start another Easter egg quest.

Welcome to ‘The Darkest Shore’ Easter egg guide, where we’ll be breaking down the new quest for Call of Duty: WW2‘s first DLC. Continuing the store from ‘The Final Reich’, this is much closer to your traditional Easter eggs — there are special weapons you’ll have to build, secret areas to access, and weird puzzles to solve, all without much explanation in-game.

‘The Darkest Shore’ finds our intrepid group of heroes lost on an old island base. Chaos reigns, with corpses littering the area, and deadly new enemies to contend with. Along with the heavy brutes and pests, you’ll also have to fight spider-like creations that crawl on walls and retreat when they take too much damage.

Then there’s that bizarre headless corpse in the U-Boat Pen, missing radio parts, ingredients for a saw, and even more mysteries to solve. We’ll break it all down for you step-by-step.

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The Complete Easter Egg Guide

You’ve landed on ‘The Darkest Shore’, an undead horde is crawling out of the bloody ocean. It’s time to complete another Easter egg quest. Use the mounted machinegun to wipe out the first wave of zombies easily, and we can begin the quest.


Step #1: Turn On the Power

There are two Power Switches — one is located in the U-Boat Pen, and the other can be found in the Artillery Bunker. Unlock the doors from the Beach, move through the Beach Passage and onto the Bluffs. From there, you can unlock the U-Boat Pen door and flip the switch opposite the workbench.

The first Power Switch will activate the doors and other mechanisms — the second switch will activate the minecart fast travel system. Use the upper path to unlock the Bunkers area, then the Overlook, and finally enter the Artillery Bunker. From here, the switch is in the room with the bunks.

Step #2: Build & Upgrade The Saw

Build the Saw and upgrade the Ripsaw with the workbench in the U-Boat Pen hallway.

Next, we’ll need to build and upgrade the Saw into the Ripsaw. To do that, you’ll need two parts — after getting the parts, place them on the workbench in the hallway of the U-Boat Pens. The pieces always spawn in the exact same places.

  • Saw Blade: The blade is at the top of the Bunker 3 area, next to the Pack-a-Punch battery terminal. Find it on a dead body.
  • Saw Handle: The handle always spawns in the Artillery Bunker. It can appear in one of three locations; on the bunk beds, on a desk near the cannon, and on a table near the upper entrance doorway.

Once you’ve collected the Saw parts, return to the U-Boat Pen and place the parts on the desk. Combine the parts, and you’ll be able to purchase The Saw for 2,500 points. Grab it!

The Saw is a special melee weapon that’s mapped to [Right] on the D-Pad. Equip it, and hold LT+RT then press [Square / X] to harvest batteries from zombies.

Zombies will levitate and spark when killed near the table when upgrading to the Ripsaw.

Harvest red batteries from standard zombies until the red meter at the bottom of your hud is full. Not every battery will be charged. When the meter is full, the skull symbol will disappear and the meter will begin to drain.

Quickly place the Saw back on the workbench in the U-Boat Pen, then kill nearby zombies to “feed” souls / jolts to the battery. After killing 20+ zombies, the Ripsaw will be available to collect. It costs 500 points.

Step #3: Find the Ancient Door & Get The Monk’s Head

Set the Bunker minecart to “Strand” (Beach) — go there or back, you’ll be able to reach the Ancient Door.

Go to the Bunkers area and ride the minecart fast travel system down to the Beach (Strand on the switch) with a whole bunch of grenades. While riding the minecart down, there’s a wall you can destroy with grenades near a bomber zombie spawn. If you’re riding the minecart from the Bunkers to the Beach, it’s the third zombie down the tracks. The hole is always on the left, just past the rockets.

Throw grenades at the bomber zombie (just past the rockets) to blast open the wall, revealing the a hole that you can actually interact with on the tracks. Hold [Square / X] to jump out of the minecart and into the Ancient Door area.

In this small area, collect the Monk’s Head object. Hold [Square / X] again near the strange door to get the Monk’s Head. The Monk’s Head is what we’re looking for — after taking it, exit the room to return to the beach.

Step #4: Unlock the Freezer Area

Use the Ripsaw to shoot the head off this corpse.

If you’ve explored the U-Boat Pen, you probably saw the strange headless corpse chained to the wall. now that you’ve got the Ripsaw, you can get inside. Near the Pack-a-Punch machine, there’s a corpse with a sign hanging above the steps in Bunker 3. Equip the Ripsaw and aim at the corpse’s head to decapitate it. Pick it up to acquire the Corpse Head.

  • NOTE: Placing the Corpse Head will initiate a difficult section. Buy perks and use the Pack-a-Punch before attempting this step.

Return to the U-Boat Pen and place the head on the headless corpse chained to the wall next to the minecart. This will initiate a tricky section, locking you in the pen area as zombies swarm the room. There are two steps you’ll need to complete here: 1) charging the two batteries, and 2) turning the three valves.

Place the Corpse Head here to start the challenge.

Part 1: Charging the Batteries – Just like when you upgraded the Saw into the Ripsaw, you’ll need to charge two batteries directly left / right where you placed the Corpse Head. Kill zombies until the batteries are charged — you’ll hear a sound.

Part 2: Turning the Valves – There are three valves you’ll also have to turn. Each valve is located on a burning fire plate that randomly turns on / off. Watch the plates, and turn the valve when the fire is off. One is located to the right of the chained corpse, another is in the corner with the minecart, and the last one is behind the stairs leading out of the pen.

After completing both parts, this challenge wave will end. You can now use the door and unlock the Freezer Area, tearing the corpse apart in the process. There’s a Burner boss zombie waiting inside. Take him out and you’ll be clear to begin the next step.

Step #5: Shoot Down the Bombers

Use the AA guns to shoot down the bombers. One is in the Overlook.

Unlocking the Freezer Area, you’ll also get a notification that you’ve restored power to the AA guns. You can now man AA guns for 750 points. Go up top to the Bunker, Bunker 3, or the Overlook areas to find AA guns that you can use.

Stukas, a type of German airplane, will fly around the island. Your goal is to shoot them all down. There are about 10-15 Stukas, and when they’re all destroyed, you can continue the Easter egg. This step is completely optional at this point, but it will help to do it now. The Stukas will bomb the area, randomly doing damage to you and your team.

Step #6: Load the Artillery Gun 

Escort the Loader zombie from the U-Boat Pens to the Artillery Bunker.

Return to the Freezer Area through the corpse door in the U-Boat Pen and we can get a few things done. Inside this small room, there are two terminals — place the Monk’s Head on the left terminal, and use the right terminal to summon a Bomber zombie.

The Bomber zombie isn’t a regular bomber. Let’s call this the Loader zombie — your goal is to protect the Loader zombie as it travels from the U-Boat Pen up to the Artillery Bunker. He is very weak, but your bullets won’t harm him or set off the bombs he carries.

When the Loader zombie reaches the giant cannon in the Artillery Bunker, you’ll need to charge another battery with zombie souls. [NOTE: This is also how you can reload the AA turrets if you run out of ammo shooting down the Stukas.]

Continue to feed the munitions zombie souls until you can’t charge any more. Zombies will stop feeding energy into the munitions area.

Step #7: Repair the Radio

The first radio part is on the soldier corpse right as you enter the Bunkers area from the Bluffs.

It’s finally time to build the radio. There are two radio parts you’ll need to collect. One is easy, but the second is pretty tricky to find without a hint. It only appears if you’ve completed Step #5.

  • Radio Part #1: Found on the dead body in the Bunkers area, near the Bluffs door.
  • Radio Part #2: Can only be found after shooting down the Stukas. Go to the Bluffs and look up from the passage to Bunker 3. There’s a crashed Stuka in the rock wall. Aim for the radio part in the pilot corpse’s hand and shoot it down with the Ripsaw.

Travel to the Overlook area where the Mystery Box first spawns. To the right of the box, there’s a small table with a broken radio. Use the parts to repair the radio and complete this step.

Step #8: Sink the Battleship

With the radio repaired, you’ll begin a new challenge that’s pretty similar to Battleship — the board game. Go back to the giant cannon in the Artillery Bunker and take note of the two controls on the left and right.

The left control moves the cannon up / down, and the right control moves the cannon right / left. The switch in the center fires the cannon itself.

Using the map on the right as a general guide, you’ll need to aim the artillery and shoot down the ships in the distance that are shooting at your position. Aim the cannon at the ships (2-3 will spawn) and then adjust the cannon’s range / aim if you miss. You can do it by eyesight alone, so just keep trying and you’ll hit your targets.

Step #9: Collect 3 Skulls & Unlock the Ancient Door

All three skulls (eventually) spawn on the Beach.

To access another secret area, you’ll need to collect three hidden skulls. After getting each skull, you’ll be holding it in your hands without a weapon. Do this step when the round is pretty clear of zombies, and drop off each skull in the holes, in the Ancient Door area.

  • Skull #1: Use the AA Gun on the Overlook and aim left for a large rock / boulder on the edge. You can just barely shoot it, but zoom-in and shoot the rock until it breaks. The first skull can be found on the Beach after the boulder breaks.
  • Skull #2: Use the Saw to harvest zombie spines. Whenever you find a charge, place it in the bucket to the left of the Monk’s Head terminal in the Freezer. Keep dropping skulls until a friendly zombie appears. Follow it to the Beach, and wait for it to return (and die), dropping the second skull you need.
  • Skull #3: The last skull is tricky. Equip the Ripsaw and look up at the bird’s nests on the edge of the tall cliffs in the Bluffs area. The skull will randomly spawn in one of the nests that’s above the traversable area of the Bluffs. It can also spawn on the same red cliff above the Beach / Bunkers.
    • Shoot the nests with the Ripsaw — the nest will disappear and fly away. Keep trying all the nests until it breaks again — after enough hits, the skull will fall to the ground.

Insert all three skulls into the holes at the Ancient Door to complete this step.

Step #10: Charge the Sacrificial Pest

Harvest Pest skulls with the Ripsaw’s melee ability, then get ready to ricochet.

The Ripsaw is about to become very useful. Use the Ripsaw to harvest a charged yellow battery from a Pest. When you have a charged yellow battery, drop it into the bucket (the same bucket used to spawn the zombie that got you a skull) and a friendly Pest zombie will spawn.

The Pest moves around the map, stopping at certain points. To charge the Pest, you’ll need to bounce ripsaw shots off electrified panels on the map. The panels are often hidden, in areas you can’t traverse, but are always in spots where you can ricochet the blades back into the Pest zombie.

  • U-Boat Pens: The first charge panel is behind the pillars, to the left of the U-Boat. It’s on a column.
  • U-Boat Pens: The second requires two charge panels. You’ll have to ricochet off the panel near the minecart, and off the wall to the left of the stairs.
  • Bunker 3: For this area, you’ll need to throw a grenade at the metal panel above the bunker door to reveal a charge panel. Stand above the bunker on the ledge and shoot the panel above the passage to the Bluffs.
  • Overlook: There are three panels here. Break all three metal panels with grenades; one is above the Mystery Box, one is left of the AA gun, and the last one is above the lower Artillery Bunker door. Start at the AA gun and shoot the charge panel to the left to bounce off all three.
  • U-Boat Pens: The last charge area is where it all started. You’ll need to reveal five panels this time — make sure to grenade the covered panels. When they’re clear, wedge yourself into the Saw crafting table and shoot at the charger panel opposite you in the hall. It should bounce all the way to the Pest.

Tough, right? It isn’t over yet. Return to the Ancient Door and enter the Ritual Altar to begin a quick challenge. Kill the incoming Pests and shoot the charged sacrificial Pest to collect the Anointed Pest Head.

Step #11: Save the Screaming Spider

Soften up the Spider bosses before attempting to harvest them with the Ripsaw.

Time for a really hard head to collect. Shoot the Spider zombie and use your bayonet charge with the Ripsaw to melee. The Spider is a tough, fast boss zombie that spawns every few rounds, so this step might take awhile. When you get a charged green battery, place it in the same bucket near the Monk’s Head terminal.

Wait until you get a foggy round, and listen for a distant scream. You need to follow the screams and kill (or chase off) the enemy Spider zombies attacking your friendly Spider zombie. The friendly Spider has a health bar, so you need to stop the attacks before it dies, following the sound of its scream.

Follow the friendly around the map, fending off the enemy Spiders until the friendly retreats into the Underground Tunnels and the fog lifts. Just like with the Pest, enter the Ancient Door from the Minecarts and fight the Spider boss in the Sacrificial Altar. When it’s dead, collect the Anointed Mouchler Head.

Step #12: Perk-Up A Friendly Brute

Harvest a Brute, then lead the friendly boss to four specific perk machines.

There’s one more anointed head you’ll need. Harvest a charged battery from a Brute, and place it in the bucket with the Pest / Spider zombies. A friendly Brute will spawn and follow you around. It can be attacked, so you’ll need to protect the Brute from enemy zombies.

So, what’s the goal? You need to lead the Brute to four specific perk machines. When the Brute approaches a perk machine, he will collect that perk.

  • Lead the Brute to these Perks:
    1. Double-Tap (Weapon Damage)
    2. Melee Damage
    3. Stamin-Up (Increased Stamina)
    4. Quick Revive (In the Spawn)

With that done, it’s time to return to the Ritual Altar. Fight the Brute (and a bunch of zombies) to collect the Anointed Wustling Head. That’s three rituals down, and only one more to go.

Step #13: The Last Ritual

Return to the secret Freezer room in the U-Boat Pens and recollect the Monk’s Head from the left terminal. Return to the Ritual Chamber through the Ancient Door in the minecart tunnels, and place all four heads (the three anointed heads and the Monk’s Head) on the ceiling spikes in the bloody altar circle.

That will initiate the final ritual. The door will close, and swarms of zombies will spawn. This is the toughest challenge yet, so go prepared. When the waves of enemies are dead and the door unlocks, grab the Pummel of Barbarossa from the statue’s hand.

Step #14: The Final Step

To initiate the final challenge in the Easter egg quest, equip the Pummel of Barbarossa and throw the grenade-like relic at the radio you repaired earlier in the Overlook area. After the explosion, you’ll be able to begin the battle when everyone interacts with the radio at the same time.

You’ll spawn on the beach and defend against a huge wave of zombies and super-powered Spider bosses. The enhanced Spiders have more health, and they can shoot blades that bounce around the environment. Keep killing the undead until the fog slowly lifts. When the fog is gone, get everyone aboard the minecart.

  • From the Beach, you’ll be taken to the Bunkers or the U-Boat Pens.
    • Defend in all three areas, waiting for the fog to clear and boarding the minecart to escape between waves.
    • Use the Pummel often! It’s incredibly powerful against the special boss zombies.

After clearing three areas (Beach, Bunkers, and U-Boat Pens) you’ll return to the beach. This is the final wave, and here you’ll actually kill the enhanced Spider bosses. After the battle, you’ll collect the Sword of Barbarossa and finally earn the ending cutscene.

[Check out the ending cutscene on MrDalekJD’s YouTube Channel.]

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