WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – How To Build The Ripsaw | Wonder Weapon Guide

When guns aren’t enough, you need the Ripsaw. This powerful Wonder Weapon is a new addition to Call of Duty: WW2, helping your band of survivors slice their way through the endless hordes in ‘The Darkest Shore’ DLC map. First, you’ll need to build the simple Saw — a very basic melee weapon that you can use to rip out the spines of zombies.

That’s just the start. Some zombies have activate batteries, and you can use those batteries to unlock further upgrades for the Saw. Even better, the Saw is an optional weapon that’s mapped to the D-Pad and won’t take away one of your primary weapon slots. It sticks with you, and you’ll probably need it if you’re planning on unlocking any of those weird Easter egg quest secrets.

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How To Build The Ripsaw | Wonder Weapon Guide

To build the Saw, a new unique wonder weapon exclusive to ‘The Darkest Shore’ DLC, you’ll first need to turn on the power. Check out the guide in the links above for details on that step of the process.

When the power is on, you can now access the areas we need to collect both Saw parts.


  • Ripsaw Part Locations:
    • Sawblade: Found on a soldier’s corpse at Bunker 3, near the Pack-a-Punch elevator shaft.
    • Saw Handle: Enter the Artillery Bunker area where the second Power Switch is located. The item is either on the desk near the upper entrance door, on the small corner desk, or on the bunk in the Power Switch room.

To combine the items and create the Saw, return to the U-Boat Pens area. The Crafting Table is across from the Power Switch. Put both parts on the table. It costs 2,500 points to pick it up.

How to Upgrade The Ripsaw

The standard Saw is only a melee weapon. To upgrade it and turn it into the Ripsaw, a weapon that can fire sawblades that bounce around the room, you’ll need to follow a few more steps.

  • NOTE: This step requires harvesting. To harvest zombies, equip the Saw then…
    • Hold [LT] -> Hold [RT] -> Press [Square]

Continue to harvest zombie spines, you’l’l want the spines that are glowing red. You can also harvest Pest zombie spines, but that’s for a different Easter egg. Once you collect enough glowing red spine (you won’t get one from every zombie) — a red meter at the bottom of the HUD will fill up. Once it’s completely full, it will begin ticking down. Before the meter expires, return to the crafting table and place the Saw on the table.

Next, you’ll need to feed zombie souls to the red battery. Kill 20~ or so zombies near the crafting table to charge the battery, and the Ripsaw will become available to purchase. The Ripsaw is an upgraded version that launches bouncing blades — and it can be upgraded even further.

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