Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – Use This Trick For Easy Points In Early Rounds | Tips Guide

In the early rounds of ‘The Final Reich’, you’ll need to earn points fast to unlock areas, grab weapons, and generally prepare for every step of the complex Easter egg. Call of Duty: WW2’s Nazi Zombies mode is all about earning points (or cash, or jolts) as fast as possible, and using those points to survive as long as possible while dodging the endless hordes of the undead.

And thanks to the clever community, there are certain tricks you can use to earn an incredible amount of points very, very quickly. The more players you bring into a session, the more points you can earn, and all it takes is the intelligent use of consumables — if you’ve only played offline, you might not even realize there are consumables. But, if you’re an online player and you’ve been opening up Supply Drops, you’ll earn lots of bonus items you can activate in-game. Here, we’ll explain which ones you’ll want to use, and how to use them.

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How To Earn Early Cash Fast | Zombies Tips & Tricks

To start earning cash super-quick in the early rounds, you’ll need to equip two specific consumables. Try to get as many teammates as possible to also equip the same consumables for the best possible early-round earnings.

  • Equip These Consumables:
    • Elekromagnet (Double Jolts)
      • For more time, add the Long Lasting Mod.
    • Flamethrower

When you’re ready, you’ll need to know about the Sewer Hole glitch — it’s a simple invincibility glitch that allows one of the players to jump into a glitch spot that will make them totally indestructible. Zombies can’t touch them.


  • How to Use the Sewer Hole Godmode Glitch:
    1. Stand in front of the switch that blows open the sewer in the Town Square.
    2. After blowing open the sewer hole, count two broken wooden posts left. The second post is where the glitch spot is located.
    3. From the opposite side of the hole, dive-jump (jump then go prone mid-air) to wedge yourself into the corner, on the lip of the hole between the broken wooden post and the hole itself.

If you can successfully do this glitch, you can use this trick.

  • Easy Points in Early Rounds Trick
    1. Equip the Flamethrower / Double Points consumables before starting a session.
      • The more players that join with consumables, the more points you’ll earn.
    2. Wait until about Round 3 — until then, turn the three valves in the town and blow open the sewer hole.
    3. When the sewer hole is open, wedge a player into the glitch spot described above. When you’re ready, and a player is invincible in the glitch zone, you can begin earning points.
    4. Train zombies into the player in the glitch spot at around Round 3. At this point, zombies will begin swarming the player and getting caught up in a giant horde.
    5. Now, time your consumables so one player uses the Double Points consumable (preferably the player that’s in the glitch spot) while another uses the flamethrower when there’s a good amount of zombies.
      • You’ll earn about 6k-7k points in a single round with 3 players.
    6. The Double Points will wear off at Round 4. All these consumables can be used twice, so just use them again in Round 4 once you’ve herded enough zombies into position.
      • Beware Instakill or Nuke powerups! You’ll lose a lot of points if you pick these up.

And that’s it! Got your own amazing methods to earn crazy cash quickly in Nazi Zombies? Let us know in the comments!

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