WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – How To Pack-a-Punch The Ripsaw | Enigma Locations

This cannon is required.

The best weapons can’t always get upgraded in Call of Duty: WW2‘s Nazi Zombies mode. Sometimes you’ll have to take a few extra steps to unlock that ability — and, in the case of the awesome Ripsaw weapon, you’ll have to find six secret Enigma cylinder and memorize the randomized code to actually get the fuse you need.

Okay, let’s unpack all of this. In the first DLC map, ‘The Darkest Shore’ you’ll be able to construct a special weapon called the Saw. Using the Saw’s gory zombie-harvesting abilities, you can actually upgrade the Saw into the Ripsaw and start shooting blades all over the map without sacrificing your normal weapon slots. Upgrading the weapon even further is trickier. Keep scrolling to find the full guide — or check out how to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine or construct the Saw / Ripsaw in the guides linked below.

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How To Pack-a-Punch The Ripsaw | Enigma Locations Guide

The Ripsaw, the upgraded version of the Saw, cannot go into the Pack-a-Punch without a special fuse you’ll need to add to the machine first. To get the special Saw fuse, you’ll need to activate the giant cannon in the Artillery Bunker — learn how to do that in the Complete Easter Egg guide.

You’ll also need to actually construct the Ripsaw and unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. Both of those steps are thankfully much, much easier. Once you’ve got all that done, we can get into how to unlock the special fuse required to Pack-a-Punch the Ripsaw.

How to Get the Ripsaw PaP Fuse

At the Artillery Bunker, look at the cannon controls — you can adjust the cannon left / right or up / down using the controls, and fire with the center switch. There’s a six digit number that displays the coordinates.

  • The six digit number will look like this: -21+65 / -##+##

The number is randomized every time, and inputting the correct code in the cannon controls and firing will produce the Ripsaw Pack-a-Punch fuse. To get the code, you’ll need to find six Enigma machines — each one will display one of the numbers or symbols you’ll need.

[NOTE: Look at the Enigma machines carefully. Note the position of the cylinder — that’s the position of the number you’ll need. The numbers are random, so you’ll need to check six locations and write down each number, looking at each cylinder to place where it goes in the sequence.]


Purchase a Sniper Rifle and use the scope to look at the hidden Enigma Cylinders. The number is always facing forward.

  • Enigma Code #1: Bluffs – Between the wooden boards on the cliffside path.
  • Enigma Code #2: Beach Passage – Look through the bent bars and zoom-in on the slightly open door on the left. The machine is on the floor.
  • Enigma Code #3: U-Boat Pens – Opposite the workbench, go prone and look through the barred door into the bloody tiled room to see the code under the hanging body.
  • Enigma Code #4: Bunker 1 – Look at the AA gun and look on the ground, to the left in the turret.
  • Enigma Code #5: Artillery Bunker – In the Power Switch room, look inside the slightly open locker, near the top.
  • Enigma Code #6: Artillery Bunker – From the power room, look in the second window to the left of the gun wall-buy. The enigma code is clearly visible outside.

Input the code in the correct order like coordinates at the artillery bunker canon and fire. The PaP fuse will appear underneath the barrel of the cannon. Grab it and install it into the PaP, and you’ll be able to enhance the Ripsaw with more ammo and more power.

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