Lexip Gaming Mouse Points Towards Revolutionary Mechanical Precision

Fitted with a double joystick, high performance laser that cranks all the way up to 8,200 DPI, and customisable macros, the Lexip gaming mouse is definitely the kind of rodent to keep an eye on. Smashing it’s original kickstarter target in less than an hour, it has now tripled its funding with 43 days left in the campaign. So, what exactly does it do?

Unlike your typical, down to earth gaming mouse, this one employs a +/- 20 degree omnidirectional tilting shell that shifts in 3D space— picture playing Daytona USA at the arcade, but this time, it’s just your hand. This works via an internal 2-axis joystick, and a miniature external joystick that is situated in prime position for ergonomic thumb operation and generates mechanical feedback. Designed for both casual and pro gamers, the Lexip is compatible with a plethora of games (and genres) including League of LegendsThe Sims 4FortniteFallout 4 and Rocket LeagueLeftie? Don’t sweat it, because Lexip will feature an uncompromised left-handed design that instills comfort in every click.

There’s also a three zone RGB lighting feature that swipes the Lexip some bonus style points. The minimum pledge level is set at €99/$123 USD. Shipments are expected to commence by June this year.