WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – How To Shoot Dr. Straub | Still Lurking Guide

The madman behind the undead menace in Call of Duty: WW2’s Nazi Zombies mode makes a return appearance in ‘The Darkest Shore’, and once again you can earn a hard-to-find achievement / trophy for tracking him down and putting a bullet in his spectral body.

We don’t know if he’s actually meant to be spectral (probably not), but bullets go right through this guy. Like in the previous map ‘The Final Reich’, you can find Dr. Straub in zombie spawning windows. He appears randomly, and will stand around, sometimes spouting quotes at you. Even if you know where to look, this guy can be pretty tricky to find. Here’s how we got him.

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How To Shoot Dr. Straub | Still Lurking Guide


To shoot Dr. Straub, the evil scientist that created the zombies, you’ll need to find him. He spawns in random zombie windows — we don’t know every single place he spawns, but there are some consistent locations you can check every round to find him.

  • Finding Dr. Straub Tips:
    • Dr. Straub will only spawn after Round 6. Check every window and opening for him after this point — which is about 10-15 minutes into the game.
      • Beach Passage: From the Beach, look in the twisted metal gate to the left, up the stairs. Check every turn and you’ll see him.
    • Dr. Straub will only appear for about 10 seconds after you spot him. He’ll linger and doesn’t begin the walking-away animation until you actually look at him.

To get the ‘Still Lurking’ achievement / trophy, make sure you shoot Dr. Straub before he leaves! He’s pretty distinctive — the clean white lab coat gives him away.

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