WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – All Achievements / Trophies List

In ‘The Shadowed Throne’, the third Zombies map for Call of Duty: WW2, your team of allied adventurers enter the heart of the Third Reich in search of a terrible artifact. Berlin is in chaos, the undead are swarming the wartorn streets in this alternate history version of events — and there are ten new achievements / trophies to unlock! The map includes an all-new, all-complicated Easter egg that leads to, presumably, a final boss battle against a creature called the Stadtjäger.

Figuring out labyrinthine Easter eggs is half the fun, and achievements / trophies usually give us our first clues. First of all is that name — the Stadtjager (or “City Hunter” in German) sounds like an imposing boss monster, which is pretty welcome after the lack of a unique final boss in ‘The Darkest Shore’ DLC map. The achievements / trophies also reveal some potentially interesting locations, like the church and the museum. There’s also a noticeable focus on melee weapons, including the (presumably) all-powerful and upgradeable blade.

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All Achievements / Trophies List

The following achievements / trophies are exclusive to [DLC 2] for Call of Duty: WW2. They can be unlocked in ‘The Shadowed Throne’ — the main Easter egg achievement / trophy

  • Stadtjäger Down
    • In The Shadowed Throne, defeat the Stadtjäger.
  • Das is gut
    • In The Shadowed Throne, find the Ubersprengen.
  • Ballistics Be Damned
    • In The Shadowed Throne, reach wave 15 using only melee weapons.
  • Something Wunderful
    • In The Shadowed Throne, kill 50 Gekocht with the special weapon in one match.
  • Putting on a Show
    • In The Shadowed Throne, keep a Gekocht alive on the stage for 1 minute.
  • Ammo Conservation
    • In The Shadowed Throne, obtain the Blade without firing a gunshot.
  • Not a Prayer
    • In The Shadowed Throne, after round 20, survive at least 2 full rounds without anyone leaving the church.
  • This Belongs in a Museum
    • In The Shadowed Throne, while inside the museum, kill 250 zombies with the Blade in a single match.
  • Equal Opportunity Destroyer
    • In The Shadowed Throne, collect geistkraft from each zombie type in a single match
  • Lumberjack
    • In The Shadowed Throne, kill a Wustling using each melee weapon in a single match.

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