WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – How To Pack-A-Punch | Weapon Upgrade Guide

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If you want to live for long in ‘The Shadowed Throne’, you’re going to need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. Call of Duty: WW2 continues the PaP tradition, although the machine is now called the “Ubersprengen”, it’s still totally the Pack-a-Punch. Veterans know that unlocking the Pack-a-Punch is pretty much required if you want to make it far in the Easter egg quest.

Like always, the Pack-a-Punch is hidden behind a long, convoluted series of tasks you’ll need to complete. What makes this one trickier than most is that you’ll need to get a Wonder Weapon just to unlock the machine, and that’s the real challenge here. Actually unlocking the Pack-a-Punch itself after grabbing the Wunderbuss is actually super easy. Like, ridiculously easy.

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How To Pack-A-Punch | Weapon Upgrade Guide


[NOTE: Before you can Pack-A-Punch, make sure to bring Sticky Grenades in your loadout. It is possible to unlock Pack-A-Punch without Sticky Grenades, but Sticky Grenades make it much, much easier.]

To make the Pack-a-Punch machine appear, you’ll need to restore power to the elevator in the Destroyed Building area. To do that, you’ll need the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon and sticky grenades.

  • After acquiring the Wunderbuss (check out the links above for a detailed guide explaining exactly how to unlock that weapon) return to the spawn area.
    • You’ll need to find two electrical panels, then blow off the metal covers with sticky grenades. When the wires are exposed, shoot the panels with the Wunderbuss.
  • The two electrical panels are located near the start of the map.
    • Underbelly: The first panel is through the metal bars, to the right of the Destroyed Building door.
    • Destroyed Building: In the destroyed building, look on the wall and above the wreckage to the right of the Main Street door.

Throw sticky grenades at both metal covers (shown in the gallery) to expose the insides. Then, all you have to do is shoot the tubes with the Wunderbuss energy gun to charge them.

  • When both electrical panels are charged, the Pack-a-Punch machine will appear in the elevator shaft, in the Destroyed Building area.

And that’s it! It costs 5,000 jolts to upgrade any standard weapon. Special wonder weapons can’t be upgraded with the Pack-a-Punch — you’ll have to find even more complicated ways to enhance those.

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