WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – How To Get The Wunderbuss | Wonder Weapon Guide

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Take on the final Reich with a super-powerful lightning gun — if you can complete all the steps to actually build it in ‘The Shadowed Throne’, the second DLC Zombies map for Call of Duty: WW2. This is one of the most complicated wonder weapons in the series, requiring a series of tricky steps. You’ll need to search maps, use radios, harvest bolts and collect batteries to finally assemble the thing.

The Wunderbuss is an interesting little weapon too. Instead of reloading, you can recharge it by firing a bolt that syphons energy from zombies. The bigger the crowd, the more energy the bolt will syphon. As you charge the Wunderbuss, you’ll be able to unleash a stream of powerful energy that stuns enemies and vaporizes them — even the syphon bolt can kill the undead. Learn how to unlock the weapon with the gallery and step-by-step instructions below.

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How To Get The Wunderbuss | Wonder Weapon Guide

The Wunderbuss is the new Wonder Weapon for ‘The Shadowed Throne’ — and it’s pretty difficult to unlock. Let’s break down exactly what you need to do to get this ultimate tool of destruction. It is required to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine.


Step #1: Tune The Radio

To walk the read that (eventually) leads to the Wunderbuss, you’ll need to complete two early steps of the main Easter egg quest. First, you’ll need to find the working radio on Main Street. [NOTE: I recommend equipping the Camouflage ability if you’re playing solo to make this step much easier.]

Memorize the code on the radio.
  • The working radio is located in the back-left corner, up the steps between the Museum and the Cabaret. You can interact with the radio by holding [Square / X]. The thumbsticks control the two dials.
    • Don’t mess with the dials yet. Instead, look at the top-left corner of the radio. There is a coordinate there. Memorize this random coordinate.
    • For example, we got the coordinate RS – 0.
  • Go to the Church (through the Plaza, behind the Cabaret / Museum) and look at the charts / map wall to the right of the Mystery Box.
    • On the map, look for the red marker. Take note of the random region.
    • For example, we got the region Elbe-Elster.
Match the radio code with the region to get the right set of numbers.

Now that you have the region (red marker on the map) and the coordinates (code on the working radio) you can combine that information on the chart to find the radio signal you need to use. If you have camouflage, use it to input the code. Or, wipe out a round of zombies to give yourself time.

  • For example, we got RS – 0 and Elbe-Elster. Look on the chart and find the area for Elbe-Elster, then look at the numbers to the right of each coordinate.
    • In this example, the radio stations we need to remember are: 50.2 / 70.2

Once you have the radio stations, return to the working radio on Main Street and input the code. Interact with the radio and turn the dials [L3 / R3] to match your randomized numbers. Wait a moment and a green light will flash, and you’ll hear from the Russians.

Shoot open this box and melee the flares inside to signal Straub.

Step #2: Signal Straub’s Airship

The next step is much, much easier. Travel to the Plaza and find the lower-floor door to the Museum. There’s a table with a glowing red flare, next to a locked box. This is the flare box, and we’ll use it to signal Straub and call him into the area.

Shoot open the flare box. Blast off the large lock, and the box will swing open. Melee the flare box to send a flare into the sky, summoning a giant airship that launches anchors into the map. You can ignore those anchors for now.

Straub’s airship will transform regular zombies into Sizzlers. Melee them to collect the bolt.

Step #3: Getting the Wunderbuss Parts

There are two parts you need to construct the Wunderbuss. First, you can get a Wunderbolt.

  • How To Get The Wunderbolt: When the airship appears, it will launch bolts into random zombies, making them faster and more powerful. They’ll glow red, making them easy to spot.
    • To get the Wunderbolt, use a special melee attack on one of these red Sizzler zombies.
    • The Spiked Bat’s ranged swing [L2 / LT] works perfectly for this. Grab the Spiked Bat on Main Street.
  • How To Get The Battery: The battery spawns in one of several random locations.
    • Two locations are in the museum. One is to the right of the pickaxe display case. Another is located near the perk machine near the second floor Plaza exit.
    • The other is on the empty wallbuy to the right of the M1928.

Once you have the Wunderbolt and the battery, you’re ready to construct the Wunderbuss.

Insert the battery in the Apartment basement device to unlock the Wunderbuss construction table.

Step #4: Building the Wunderbuss

To build the Wunderbuss, travel to the Apartments basement level, accessible from the stairs or through the Underbelly door.

  • In the Apartments basement, insert the battery in the strange device between the two cage doors. This will power the gates, lifting them up.
  • Take the battery from the machinery while you’re inside, causing the gates to shut closed. Place the battery / Wunderbolt into the weapon table in the center.

Survive until you can collect the Wunderbuss. Use the weapon on the battery slot to charge the gate, allowing you to escape. It’s just that easy! Now you’re only a step or two away from accessing the Pack-a-Punch. We’ll get into how that works in a different guide.

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