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[UPDATED: 4/13 – Added links for Hidden Courtyard solution, added more Dancer’s Dagger and Nazi Axe information.]

Take down Straub and complete another chapter in Call of Duty: WW2 with the DLC 2 map ‘The Shadowed Throne’ — and the massive Easter egg quest. Like every modern Zombies map, there’s a secret mission to complete, but only if you know exactly what to do. These crazy puzzles require entire communities to solve, and you’ll want to bring a team ready for the long haul, because this Easter egg gets pretty tough.

I recommend reading the full guide below before attempting to dive in. It’s better to know (and memorize) as much as you can before giving this tough quest a shot. Technically, it can be done solo, but that’s going to be a very tough proposition.

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The Complete Easter Egg Guide | Stadtjäger Down


[IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to bring STICKY GRENADES in your initial loadout so you can unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. This guide doesn’t cover how to unlock the PaP, but it’s pretty much required if you want to survive later rounds.]

Step #1: Input The Radio Coordinates

To complete the first step, you’ll need to unlock a path to the Church and gain access to the map / chart wall to the right of the Mystery Box. Once you’ve unlocked the Church, you can memorize the coordinates you need for the working radio in Main Street.

  1. Check the working radio on Main Street. On top, there’s a small rectangle with a letter | number code. Memorize it.
  2. Go to the Church and look at the map. Memorize the name of the region where the red marker is placed.
  3. On the chart, find the name of the region marked on the map, then find the coordinates marked with the letter | number code found on the working radio.
  4. You now have the coordinates you need for the working radio.

Return to the working radio on Main Street and hold [Square / X] to use the radio. Roll the [R3 / L3] sticks to adjust the radio. Input your randomized coordinates to get a message from the Russian army.

Step #2: Summon The Airship

The Russians can’t invade until Straub’s airship is destroyed. First, you’ll need to summon the airship with a flare. A box of flares is located in the Plaza, near the first floor Museum door. The table with the locked flare box is glowing red.

Shoot the lock off the large flare box, then melee the box to launch a flare into the sky. This will summon Straub’s airship. He’ll launch giant anchors into the ground, and begin enhancing zombies with wunderbolts.

Step #3: Get The Wunderbuss

Now that the airship has been summoned and wunderbolts are being launched from the sky, you can construct the Wunderbuss weapon. You’ll need it to complete future steps in the Easter egg — it’s also pretty useful all on its own.

To get the Wunderbuss, you need two parts — the wunderbolt and the wunderbattery.

  • To get a wunderbolt, use a special melee attack on a Sizzler (red enhanced zombie) that spawns periodically when the airship targets a standard zombie.
    • The spiked bat is especially useful for harvesting wunderbolts. Grab it from Main Street.
  • To get a wunderbattery, search the museum or cabaret. One battery is located on the museum first floor. Another is on the second floor near the perk machine. It can also spawn in the cabaret second floor, on the balcony with the Thomson SMG wall buy.

Get both parts, then travel to the Apartment basement. Insert the battery into the strange device to open the two gates, then take it when you’re inside. This will cause the gates to lower. Insert the battery and the wunderbolt into the weapon crafting station and you’ll get the Wunderbuss.

Use the Wunderbuss gun on the battery device to charge it and unlock the exit.

Step #4: Charge The Anchors

There are four anchors on the map when Straub’s airship appears in the sky. One is in the Plaza, one is in the Museum, and one is in the Destroyed Building.

  1. Shoot the Plaza / Museum anchors with the Wunderbuss energy weapon until the anchors are charged.
    • This requires about 100 Wunderbuss energy.
  2. Kill zombies near the third anchor in the Plaza until it is charged.

You need to shoot / charge the anchor with souls until the anchor itself begins to glow green. That’s one step forward.

For the next steps before reaching the Hidden Courtyard, you’ll be able to complete them in any order — we need to acquire three upgraded weapons, and there are three separate paths from here. You can summon the smuggler to collect the Smuggler’s Bat, unlock the Apartment safe to get the Dancer’s Dagger, or decode the morse code message and “balance the scales” to earn the Nazi Axe.

Step #5: Summon The Smuggler

Next, we need to acquire another coordinate code for the working radio. With the Wunderbuss, return to the crafting table in the Apartment basement. Shoot the battery device to open the doors, then shoot the cash register to the left as you enter.

The cash register is located on some shelves to the left of the crafting table. Use the Wunderbuss, and the tray will pop out — the coordinates you need to memorize are on the bottom of the cash register tray.

Take these coordinates and input them in to the working radio on Main Street.

Step #6: Trade With The Smuggler

Inputting the cash register coordinates will summon the Smuggler. Now we need to trade with him. Go to the BAR Wall Buy in the Plaza (near the Cabaret back door) and throw a grenade at the floor tile on the ground labed “GAS”, near the guitar. You will reveal the Smuggler’s hiding spot if the tile disappears.

Now you can give the Smuggler a bullet-based weapon. The weapon you can pass to the Smuggler is totally random. It can be any regular, bullet-based weapon you can get from a wall buy. Keep trying different weapons until you can successfully pass one to the Smuggler.

The Smuggler will keep every weapon you give him. Give weapons by holding [Square / X] on the hole. He’ll say “I don’t have the right ammo” for weapons he can’t use. You’ll complete an objective once you finally pass him the correct weapon.

Step #7: Project The Map

Go to the Apartment area and collect the painting near the bed with the dead woman. Next, travel to the Cabaret and shoot at the pillar / railing above the projector to drop the film reel. It drops down onto the floor, in the blackened rubble near the stairs. Grab the reel, then place the painting and the film reel on the projector — then charge the projector by shooting it with the Wunderbuss.

If you successfully charged the projector, a map will appear on the backdrop. This map will be important for later. You can complete this step earlier (or later) in the Easter egg — but after giving the Smuggler a weapon, you’ll have some downtime.

Step #8: Give The Smuggler Jolts & Get The Smuggler’s Bat

Complete two full rounds after giving the Smuggler in the Plaza the correct gun. When two rounds have passed, go to the front entrance of the Cabaret (where the door to Main Street is located) and find another “GAS” tile on the floor, just like the tile you shot in the Plaza.

Lure a Bomber zombie onto the “GAS” tile on the ground — blow up the Bomber directly on the “GAS” tile to open another Smuggler hole. Talk to him, and deposit jolts through the hole — keep giving him jolts until he’s happy. You’ll need to drop jolts manually — just like you would to give teammates jolts.

An objective will complete, saying you’ve paid the smuggler. We’re not done with him yet, though; he mentions knocking on his door three times. Go down to the Apartment basement and enter the Wunderbuss crafting room — then, knock on the wooden door inside three times.  To knock on the door, melee attack it three times.

Step #9: Place (And Charge) The Smuggler’s Bat

Once you’ve enter the basement apartment, you can collect Smuggler’s Bat. We’ll need it for the next step. You may encounter a dead Wustling or a living Wustling after going inside.

Run back to the Church doors on the right to find three strange stone weapon depressions on the wall. You’ll need to find and charge three special weapons here — the first is the Smuggler’s Bat. The regular bat won’t work. Place the Smuggler’s Bat and kill Pest zombies near the sword to charge it until you can no longer fill it with jolts.

NOTE: All three weapons work in a similar way. When you get a special weapon, return to the depressions outside the Church, place the melee weapon, then charge it with zombie souls until it will accept no more energy.

Step #10: Get The Dancer’s Dagger (And Place / Charge It)

Remember the projected Cabaret map from Step #7? Return to the map and take note of the green marker that is pinpointing a location. The projected map matches the actual ‘The Shadowed Throne’ map — sprint to the location shown on the green marker. There will be four of these green marker locations you’ll need to find.

We’re going to hunt down clown dolls (marked on the Cabaret map with a green marker) and kill zombies to charge them up. Count how many zombies you kill at each location — because the number of kills is actually the combination for the Apartment safe — and that safe contains the second special melee weapon we need, the Dancer’s Dagger.

  • At all four green marker locations, you’ll need to kill zombies to charge a clown doll.
    • Memorize how many zombies you need to kill for each green marker location. The amount of zombies you need to kill at each clown doll is the four-digit Apartment safe combination
  • Safe Combination:
    • 1st Digit: The amount of zombies you need to kill for the first green marker clown doll location.
    • 2nd Digit: The amount of zombies you need to kill for the second green marker clown doll location.
    • 3rd Digit: The amount of zombies you need to kill for the third green marker clown doll location.
    • 4rth Digit: The amount of zombies you need to kill for the fourth green marker clown doll location.

After running through all four locations, the green dots will reset, so you can reconfirm previous numbers if you miscounted or lost track.

When you have all four numbers, travel to the safe in the Apartment. Interact with the safe to begin inputting the code — it works just like a real combination lock. Turn the dial right for a full rotation to reset the code.

  • Inputting the Safe Combo: Input the code by turning the dial in this order — right, left, right left.
    • When you input all four numbers, exit the safe, then interact with it again to actually open it.

What’s inside the safe? It’s the Dancer’s Dagger. Take to dagger to the three framed melee weapon depressions outside the Church. Place the dagger in the center frame, then kill standard zombies nearby until it is fully charged.

Step #11: Translate Morse Code (And Input The Map Coordinates)

There’s still one more special melee weapon to acquire — the Nazi Axe. This is one of the trickiest steps — you’ll need to locate a new code that appears in one of three random locations, then input the coordinates into the working Main Street radio. You’ll get morse code (which needs to be translated) to get another set of coordinates you can input into the large map in the Church. Yeah, this part is tough. Let’s back up.

  • Code Locations:
    • Cabaret: On the side of a dresser, back-right from the stage.
      • Or, to the right of the screen, behind a blue dress on a hanger.
    • Museum: On the wall beneath the M1 Garand wall buy.
      • Or, up the stairs to the left from the Main Street door, on the first pillar to your left.
    • Apartment: In the elevator shaft outside the actual apartment.
      • Or, above and to the right of the Main Street door, on the ceiling.

Find the code in one of the random locations, and input it into the Main Street radio. You’ll get International morse code back. As described above, you need to translate the morse code into coordinates. You’ll get between two and four numbers total. Here’s how to translate.

  • How To Translate Morse Code:
  • Numbers In More Code:
    • 1: . – – – –
    • 2: . . – – –
    • 3: . . . – –
    • 4: . . . . –
    • 5: . . . . .
    • 6: – . . . .
    • 7: – – . . .
    • 8: – – – . .
    • 9: – – – – .
    • 10: – – – – –

Input the code into the Morse Code translator, or use the table above to get a set of coordinates. Personally, I think it’s much easier to listen and use the table above rather than trying to use the translator. Memorize the coordinates, and then travel to the large map in the Church — you can interact with the map just like the radio / safe — and place the magnifying glass on the set of coordinates you received from the morse code message. The first number is the top (horizontal) number, the second number is the left (vertical) number.

  • Where to Find the Magnifying Glass: On the table, to the left of the m1928 (Tommy Gun) wall buy, on the second floor of the Cabaret.

If you correctly input the map coordinates with the magnifying glass, a cabinet will open to the right of the map. Inside, you’ll be able to collect the Scale Bowl.

Step #12: Balance The Scales (And Get The Nazi Axe)

To actually collect the Nazi Axe, there’s a few more tasks you’ll have to complete. Take the Scale Bowl and place it on the scale at the top of the steps in the Museum area. You’ll also need to acquire a Sizzler head and place it on the scale with the Scale Bowl.

  • How to Get a Sizzler Head: Kill a Sizzler (glowing zombie) near an Armor Terminal. You’ll be able to collect the head from the Armor Terminal itself.

Place both items to “Balance The Scales” — next, earn melee weapon (or regular weapon, it isn’t clear) kills near the rabbit to the right of the scales. Once you get enough melee kills, a drawer will open with the Nazi Axe inside. Grab it.

Place the Nazi Axe in the last melee weapon slot on the framed picture wall outside the Church. Get Sizzler zombie kills until the weapon can no longer be charged.

Step #13: Solve Puzzles In The Hidden Courtyard

With all three unique melee weapons fully charged with geistkraft, it’s time to enter the Hidden Courtyard. Go through the open doors — they’ll close when you enter — and charge the final airship anchor with the Wunderbuss.

There are two puzzles you’ll need to solve in the courtyard with a statue of Barbossa in the center.

  • Facing the Raven Statues: You need to interact with the raven statues in the courtyard, and face them all so that they are looking at the Barbossa statue. Some statues will cause others to turn, as well.
    • Once all the statues are facing Barbossa, they will turn gold and become collectible. Grab them all!
  • Placing the Raven Statues: Place all of the gold statues onto the base of the Barbossa statue. It isn’t yet clear how this works, so keep moving the statues around, placing them all until a message appears.

When the last Raven Statue puzzle is solved, you’ll be able to collect Barbosa’s Blade. Take it and insert it into the frame to exit the hidden courtyard.

  • For further help solving this puzzle, check out this website.
    • It’s designed specifically to help you solve this annoying, length puzzle.

[The exact solution for this step is currently unknown. Check back soon for more details!]

Step #14: Preparing For The Final Boss

Now you’ll be able to face-off against the final boss in the airship. Prepare for the fight — PaP, buy perks, load up on ammo, etc.

  • To begin the final encounter: Everyone must stand inside the final anchor and shoot the ceiling with the Wunderboss. You must have 100% energy, and unload the entire energy core into the ceiling to reactivate the anchor. Everyone in your team must do this.

When the anchor is activated, it will lift off and take your team to the airship in the sky.

Step #15: Navigate The Airship And Destroy The Stadtjager

Inside the airship, you’ll need to unlock doors with power fuses found on the walls. Pull the plugs, use the fuses, and enter the doors until you surround Straub’s lair. When you surround the Control Room, zombies will swarm Straub and eat him alive, ending his reign of terror.

Return to the anchor transport, and you’ll encounter the true final boss — the Stadtjager.

  • How To Kill The Stadtjager:
    •  Phase 1: Shoot the Stadtjager when it is charging up — it charges when the heads begin to glow.
    • Phase 2: Shoot the Stadtjager when it shoots wunderbolts — it can no longer be damaged when charging up.
    • Phase 3: The Stadtjager is completely invulnerable to all normal damage. Wait for it to release a red gas, then shoot it with the Wunderbuss.

Defeat all three phases, then you can leave through the anchor exit. Leaving will cause the ending cutscene to play, which you can watch for yourself below.

[Video by Youtuber MrDalekJD.]

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