Never Alone Developers Swapping Icy Tundras for Endless Sandboxing

From Inuit mythology to moddable floatillas, developer E-Line media has certainly dipped its feet into an entirely different sort of pond in The Endless Mission. Unlike the artcic puzzle-platforming of 2014’s Never Alone, this is a sandbox creation title that lets players get into the nitty gritty of game development: modifying game assets in real time to alter gameplay, mashing up different genres, and earning Unity-based tools which allow you to mock up your wildest imaginings into a shareable experience. A bit like a communal dream.

There are even opportunities to tweak the game’s code as if it were Play Doh. But the biggest weapon at your disposal isn’t guns, super stars or swords, it’s freedom. You can craft smoke grenades and blast them when you’re surrounded by voxel minions, build a jet-powered racer and steal across the skies, or jump into a pure platforming adventure; the possibilities are practically endless.

The Endless Mission will launch as an early-access title in summer 2018.