WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – Secret STG44 Wall Buy Location

If you’ve been running around ‘The Shadowed Throne’ in Call of Duty: WW2, you might notice that something is missing — namely, the really, really useful STG44 assault rifle. It’s a standard weapon in basically every World War 2 game, and it’s an obvious early pick for a powerful weapon in the previous two Zombies survival maps. It’s seemingly missing in ‘The Shadowed Throne’, unless you know exactly where the wall buy is hidden.

This isn’t quite as secret at the PPSh in ‘The Darkest Shore’ — you’ll have all the time in the world to find this location and collect the 1,500 jolts you need to make a purchase. It’s an awesome little weapon that’s also pretty great once you throw it into the Pack-a-Punch machine. I can only imagine it’s one of those mainstay weapons you’re desperate to collect in a world filled with weak SMGs. Keep scrolling to learn where to look.

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Secret STG44 Wall Buy Location

To find the hidden STG44 wall buy location, you’ll first need to reach the Cabaret area. You can get there through Main Street — unlock the double doors up the stairs to the large building with neon letters.

  • Inside the Cabaret, look near the stage. There’s a low canopy of ruins you can step underneath and look up at. Squeeze under this small path and you’ll get the STG44 wall buy prompt.
    • The STG44 costs 1,500 points to purchase.

The STG44 is a mainstay of any early strategy, and a great weapon to drop into the Pack-A-Punch, if you can manage to get that far.


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