Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How To Fight The Easter Egg Leprechaun Boss | Operation: Shamrock Guide

It’s a leprechaun! A zombie leprechaun.

Grab a drink (or two) and load up for the big St. Patrick’s Day celebration available now in Call of Duty: WW2. The special events aren’t just limited to multiplayer — the fun extends all the way to the three current Nazi Zombies modes. Operation: Shamrock will be available from March 15-April 3, and in that time, you’ll be able to earn three new exclusive weapon camos.

New unlockable customization is cool, but even better are the fresh Easter eggs. Yes, there’s a brand new boss and the end of the rainbow, and this Leprechaun carries a pot of gold for anyone willing to hunt him down. To summon the wily critter, you’ll need to donate points to four different four-leaf clovers hidden in each map. Defeating the Leprechaun boss rewards you with a fast 5,000 points — not a bad haul. Here’s where to find all the clovers.

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All The New Easter Eggs | Operation: Shamrock Event Guide

The special ‘Operation: Shamrock’ event adds Easter eggs to all three maps that are available now — The Final Reich, Grousten Haus, and The Darkest Shore. On each of these maps, you’ll find a small Easter egg quest that unlocks new camos — one camo for each map.

Beware the new Leprechaun Zombie boss! It’s a literal, tiny zombie with a red beard and glowing green clothes. He appears in all three maps during the event.

The Operation: Shamrock event starts on March 15th and ends on April 3rd, so get into these maps and check out the event before it’s too late.

How To Make The Leprechaun Boss Zombie Spawn: All of these Easter eggs are essentially the same. You need to find four Four-Leaf Clovers and infuse the clovers with points. Once you’ve filled the clovers with points, you’ll unlock a camo and the Leprechaun Boss zombie will spawn.

NOTE: There are more possible spawn locations for clovers in The Final Reich and The Darkest Shore. Check all nine locations to find the four clovers.

To interact with the clover drop your points on the ground, on top of the clover — no prompt will appear when looking at the clover, but the clover will pop once you’ve interacted with it. Defeating the Leprechaun Boss will earn you 5,000 points.

Grousten Haus Easter Egg


Reward: Gruner Knoten Camo

  • Clover #1: Next to the MP40 wall buy, next to the base of the stairs on a pile of papers.
  • Clover #2: Across from the Combat Shotgun wall buy, on the ground next to a table on the second floor.
  • Clover #3: Back downstairs, next to the STG44 wall buy, laying in a pile of browned papers and shelves.
  • Clover #4: The final clover is hidden in the Mystery Box secret room. Shoot the hanging lamps around the map (scroll down for a link to a guide showing all the locations) to get inside. The clover is on the ground, in the corner.

The Final Reich Easter Egg


Reward: Schwein gehabt camo

  • Clover #1: Look to the right of the steps leading up into the courtyard from the riverside area.
  • Clover #2: Down from the M1928 wall buy, on the ground near a bush. In the riverside area, very close to the previous clover.
  • Clover #3: Still in the riverside, look near the gas valve. Find the well up the hill and search the ground to the right. Very hard to spot.
  • Clover #4: Riverside, at the base of a lamppost down from the M1928 wall buy. Look to the right of the lamppost next to the storefront with the bench.
  • Clover #5: Explore the tower area and look in the back-right corner, next to the sand-bags.
  • Clover #6: Enter the sewers door from the riverside docks and look along the right wall.
  • Clover #7: In the Village Square, look to the right of the open doorway leading to the stairs to Klaus’ second floor workshop. The clover is next to a palette of crates.
  • Clover #8: In the hallway between the laboratories and the salt mine, there’s an armor station. Search the rocks directly opposite from the armor station.
  • Clover #9: Go down to the spike trap in the morgue area. Face the metal bars and look on the hill of dirt to the right of the bars.

The Darkest Shore Easter Egg


Reward: Verrotteter Rabe

  • Clover #1: In the dirt to the left of the Quick Revive perk machine, on the starting beach.
  • Clover #2: On the bluffs, cross the small wooden plank bridge over the tiny water stream and look on the edge of the cliffs, near the fence. Look between the broken fence spawn “window” and the little bridge.
  • Clover #3: Down the stairs into the main U-Boat Pens area, look right. On the floor, beneath the large metal board and near the safety railings, there’s a single clover.
  • Clover #4: There’s a cluster of clovers on the cliff above the U-Boat Pens entrance door in the Bunker 3 area. Down the steps from the hanging corpse, but up the steps from the pens door, there’s a cluster of leaves along the rock wall, behind a small crate.
  • Clover #5: This one is easy. Look on the ground to the right of the minecart ride in the Bunkers area.
  • Clover #6: Outside the Artillery Bunker, look to the left of the steps leading up to the AA gun, next to a barrel.
  • Clover #7: In the Bunkers area, find the AA gun and look at the base of the concrete platform. There’s a patch of green grass along the edge of the AA platform. That’s a possible clover spawn.
  • Clover #8: Inside the Artillery Bunker itself, look on the floor next to the wall opposite the power switch.

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