WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – Collect Hats And Stack To Earn Every Power-Up | Secrets Guide

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Hats are back in Call of Duty: WW2 and they’re only useful if you know the right combination. Let’s back up — how, exactly, can hats be combined? You can place hats on a cheetah statue, of course! The statue is located in ‘The Shadowed Throne’ Cabaret, right in front of the projector screen. You can stack up to five different hats on this little guy, and if you get the right combination, all the power-ups in the game will appear.

That’s a pretty awesome reward. Actually finding the hats can be tricky, so we’re documenting all the locations we’ve found so far. Sometimes they spawn in random locations. Sometimes they never move. They’re usually on skulls, and if you need to change the order, you can drop hats onto different mannequins in the backstage area. It’s all for a pretty good reward, even if it is a bit too difficult to accomplish, even for seasoned Easter egg hunters.

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Collect Hats And Stack To Earn Every Power-Up | Secrets Guide

There are a total of five collectible hats in ‘The Shadowed Throne’ — you can only carry one at a time, but you can place them in the Cabaret. Stacking them up in a very, very specific combination will earn you a reward — all the power-ups, all at once.

  • Collect the five hats in the map and place them on the cheetah statue, on the stage of the Cabaret. Only the cheetah statue in front of the projector screen will work.
    • You can also place hats on mannequin heads and rabbits in the backstage area.
    • You can only carry one hat at a time. Use the other mannequin heads / rabbits / other spots to store hats so you can retrieve them later.
  • The five hats spawn in different locations around the map. To collect a hat, look at the hat in the environment and hold [Square / X] — you can only carry one at a time, and some hats will spawn in different areas. All the hats are military-style German army hats.
    • Garrison Cap [#1]: Cabaret – On the second floor, on top of the guitar, to the right of the sitting cello.
      • Museum – Upstairs in the Museum, near the three piles of skulls. In a display case with the rotted head with scissors sticking out of it, to the left of the laying body display.
    • Officer Hat [#2]: Museum – On the table to the right of the second floor Plaza door.
      • Apartments – On a table with flowers near the record player, in the living room adjacent to the bedroom with the dead lady.
    • Fedora [#3]: Cabaret – By the feet of the left, tall Egyptian statue.
      • Church: Hidden in the zombie-spawning crack in the wall to the left of the Mystery Box.
    • Red Hat [#4]: Museum – On a skull to the left of the Plaza door, in the first floor of the Museum.
      • Main Street – In the front window of the bus, directly right of the Cabaret door.
    • Soldier Cap [#5]: Underbelly – In an open case on a chair near spawn, to the left of the Quick Revive station.
      • Church: Under the wooden bench to the left of the faster reload perk machine. Go prone to spot it.

When you have all five hats, stack them in the order shown in this helpful image below. It’s a little tricky to make out the details, so just look carefully and follow the silhouettes.

[Image by Redditor ULTRAFATTONI]

  • The order is:
    • [Top]
    • Red Hat [#4]
    • Officer Hat [#2]
    • Garrison Cap [#1]
    • Soldier Cap [#5]
    • Fedora [#3]
    • [Bottom]

If all the hats are stacked on the cheetah in this very specific order, all five power-ups will spawn. These power-ups don’t last forever, so you’ll need to grab them right away! Or, you can save the specific correct stacking combo for when you want to power-ups to spawn. That sounds pretty ambitious, but it’s a neat little extra Easter egg crazy people can accomplish.

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