Black Ops 4 Zombies: Classified – How To Clear Area 51 Debris & Expand The Map | Secrets Guide

There’s still more secrets to uncover in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. In the additional Zombies map ‘Classified’, it’s no spoiler that you can visit Area 51 to access the Pack-a-Punch Machine — one of devices required to upgrade weapons, make them more powerful, and survive longer. While in Area 51, you might’ve noticed that the zone is pretty tiny. Especially compared to the zone it’s modeled after. Well, there’s a way to clear all that annoying debris and give yourself more wiggle room while retreating from an endless undead horde.

‘Classified’ isn’t just a remake of the map ‘Five’ from Black Ops 1, it also features a cameo from the map ‘Moon’, which briefly takes place in Area 51 on Earth. The Area 51 zone has been faithfully recreated, but it seems a lot more cramped this time around. That’s because there are chunks of debris blocking off many of the smaller areas.

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How To Clear Area 51 Debris & Expand The Map | Secrets Guide

To remove debris from Groom Lake (a.k.a. Area 51) on the ‘Classified‘ map, you just need to follow a few simple steps. You can clear up to seven clusters of debris in the zone. Each cluster opens up a slightly large play area, and makes the map more closely resemble ‘Moon‘, the map where this Area 51 zone first appeared.

  • How To Clear Debris: Start by unlocking the teleporter to Groom Lake. Check the ‘Classified’ guides above — how to unlock Pack-a-Punch — for help unlocking the area.
    • To clear a patch of debris, stay in the Groom Lake area for three full rounds without using the teleporter. No one in your team can use the teleporter.
    • If you manage to stay, the debris will teleport away and leave behind a Bonfire Sale or Max Ammo.
    • Leave Groom Lake through the central teleporter, then teleport back. Stay for another three rounds to clear another section of debris.
    • You can repeat the process up to seven times — there are 7 chunks of debris you can remove from the area.

There’s a lot more to Classified than just an old ‘Moon’ Area 51 Easter egg. There’s also a huge secret story, hidden in multiple cipher messages around the map. These messages — related to story from all the way back in ‘Der Riese’ — were finally solved on UnDeaddit recently, and you can read the entire breakdown right here.