Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – How To Get The Crossbow Wonder Weapon | Savage Impaler Guide


Because there’s no end to the secrets in a Black Ops 4: Zombies map, here’s yet another hidden Wonder Weapon you can collect in ‘Dead of the Night’ — this one is totally unique, and it isn’t just a simple upgrade for Alistair’s Folly, the powerful revolver you can earn by solving the Library puzzle. No, the Savage Impaler is a much more complicated weapon.

To get this deadly crossbow, you’ll need to solve a very tricky Easter egg quest that’s also completely optional. This weapon is not required to complete the main Easter egg story quest. At no point do you really have to get it, but it’s so cool, and the path to getting it so secret, that it’s a totally worthy addition to any arsenal. It helps the weapon looks incredibly cool. See all the steps for unlocking it below.

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How To Get The Crossbow Wonder Weapon | Savage Impaler Guide

[NOTE: The Savage Impaler can only be acquired in Classic Online Mode. You can’t use Mutations or play Offline.]

The Savage Impaler is a unique, secret Wonder Weapon you can collect by following a series of secret steps in ‘Dead of the Night’.

  • Step #1: Snuff Out 6 Candles
    • There are candles you can snuff out with a melee attack. There are six of these candles.
      • The candles are identical — look for a short candle holder with a single candle.
    • You’ll know you’ve successfully snuffed out a candle if the fire disappears after knifing it. Candles are located in the following rooms:
      • Music Room
      • Master Bedroom
      • East Gallery
      • East Hallway
      • Wine Cellar
      • Study
  • Step #2: Collect 4 Pieces of Jewelry
    • For this step, travel to the Forest and find the grave marker to the right of the Pack-a-Punch. Hold [Interact] on the tombstone to enter Afterlife Mode. You’ll have a limited time in this mode, but you can re-up every round.
    • While in Afterlife Mode, go to the Mansion and find the blue ghost. She appears in a random room. Follow her to the Cemetery once you locate her.
    • At the Mausoleum, the ghost will inhabit zombies and glow with a blue auras. Randomly, these possessed zombies will drop one jewelry piece. Collect four.
    • Jewelry will only drop when you score kills against possessed zombies with specific types of weapons.
      • Get a kill with a gun.
      • Get a kill with equipment.
      • Get a kill with a special weapon. (Fire Trap / Wraith Fire)
      • Get a kill with the Ballistic Shield melee.
  • Step #3: Complete The Ritual
    • After collecting the jewelry pieces, four white symbols will appear in the Cemetery. Hold [Interact] on the white shapes and they’ll turn blue. Do this to all four, and a large white symbol will appear in the Mausoleum around the Perk Machine.
    • Lure vampires onto the white square markers and get kills on specific runes. You’ll hear an audio cue from the ghost when a zombie is killed on the right spot.
    • Do this for all four squares until the Mausoleum rune turns blue.
  • Step #4: Collect The Savage Impaler
    • Back at the Cemetery, a secret underground passage will open. Go downstairs and collect the Savage Impaler at the end of the room.

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