Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – How To Activate The Secret Song | ‘Mystery’ Guide

Yes, there’s another secret song to unlock in ‘Dead of the Night’ — like every Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 you can find hidden collectibles to play a song for everyone on your server. Also like certain secrets, this Easter egg is only available if you play in Online Mode. You can find all the locations for the coins below, as well as the official video with the full song.

Like other Black Ops 4 maps, this is a totally unique song called “Mystery” performed by the classic Zombies mode vocalist Elena Siegmann and written by Scott Eckert. This is the classic duo that brought unique, new music to some of the original Zombies Mode maps developed by Treyarch, the Call of Duty studio that basically invented the Zombies formula. That’s good news for fans, and it’s an awesome little secret to sneak into every Zombies map.

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How To Activate The Secret Song | ‘Mystery’ Guide


Like on ‘IX‘ — to hear the secret song in-game, you’ll need to find and shoot four coins hidden around the map. You can shoot the coins in any order.

  • Coin Locations:
    • Coin #1: Main Hall – Under a round covered table near the grandfather clock. Crouch down and look up to see it.
    • Coin #2: Library – On top of the statue of Ra. Visible from the second floor Study.
    • Coin #3: East Hall – Hidden behind the right open door, leading to the Dining Room.
    • Coin #4: Wine Cellar – Inside a destroyed barrel near the steps up.

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