Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil – How To Get The Final God Hands Weapon Upgrade | Exalted Guide

The secrets just never stop in Ancient Evil. Every Black Ops 4 Zombies map features a handful of Wonder Weapons and secret methods to upgrade them, but the God Hands have a further third form you can unlock if you’re feeling crazy. The ‘Exalted’ form is even more powerful, and requires that you complete the ‘Redeemed’ steps for all four Wonder Weapons. Basically, it’s going to take awhile to get this last form, but it’s worth it if you’re an insane treasure hunter like us.

Like the God Hands themselves, the ‘Exalted’ quest is basically the same for all four Wonder Weapon types. There’s only one difference — which god you’ve selected. Depending on the particular God Hand, you’ll have to trigger the quest by killing a matching Catalyst elemental zombie at your chosen God’s particular shrine. It sounds more confusing than it is.

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How To Get The Final God Hands Weapon Upgrade | Exalted Guide

Before you can get the Exalted Hand of Charon, Gaia, Ouranos, or Hemera, you first need to get the God Hand Wonder Weapons and upgrade them to their ‘Redeemed’ forms. Find the guides linked above for all the details.

Upgrading the Redeemed Hands to their final forms is actually very straightforward. The process is essentially the same for all four types of hands, and only becomes available after you’ve unlocked all four Redeemed Hands.

NOTE: You do NOT need to unlock the Exalted Hands for the main Easter Egg quest. Unlocking the Redeemed Hands is required, but you don’t need to start the Easter Egg to get the Exalted Hands. These are more powerful, but optional, versions of the God Hands.

Step #1: Collect The God Hands & Light The Apollo’s Will

Before you can unlock the Exalted God Hands, you’ll need to complete three pre-requisite steps.

  • Craft the Apollo’s Will shield / spear.
  • Collect all four God Hands and upgrade them into Redeemed God Hands.
  • Complete 2 Epic Oracle Challenges

You’ll find guides linked above for the Apollo’s Will Spear, and how to create and upgrade the God Hands.

To complete Oracle Challenges, enter the Temple / Spawn Room and interact with the Oracle’s Tribute to begin a challenge. Complete the challenge and earn an ‘Epic’ rank twice.

If you get two ‘Epic’ ranks, the fire at the temple will burn blue. This is required to begin the Exalted God Hand quest.

Step #2: Ignite The Statue of Apollo

At the Temple of Apollo, look for a statue that is leaking gas. The effect is subtle, so look slightly above the statue to spot it. To ignore this flame, melee the blue flame at the Temple of Apollo with the Apollo’s Will spear. It will turn blue.

Go to the leaking statue, and throw an Apollo’s Will spear (while burning blue) at the gas emitting from the statue. If you hit it properly, the statue will burst into flames.

Step #3: Choose Your God Hand To Exalt

At this point, you’ll be able to select which of the four God Hands you want to create the Exalted version of. You have four choices — Charon, Gaia, Hemera, and Ouranos. Depending on what you do at each of their Ritual Sites, you’ll begin the quest for their particular elemental God Hand.

  • To Begin The Exalted Hand of Charon Quest: Go to the red ritual circle (Charon Shrine) at Python Pass and kill a poison Catalyst zombie.
  • To Begin The Exalted Hand of Gaia Quest: Go to the green ritual circle (Gaia Shrine) at the Spartan Monument and kill a fire Catalyst zombie.
  • To Begin The Exalted Hand of Hemera Quest: Go to the yellow ritual circle (Hemera Shrine) at the Monument of Craterus and kill an electric Catalyst zombie.
  • To Begin The Exalted Hand of Ouranos Quest: Go to the blue ritual circle (Ouranos Shrine) at the Center of the World, and kill a water Catalyst zombie.

Depending on the God Hand you want to upgrade, travel to the matching Shrine and kill the Catalyst zombie type on the ritual circle. This will begin the ritual.

  • Kill standard zombies at the shrine until zombie souls stop flying into the shrine after killing the Catalyst zombie and triggering the ritual.

Step #4: Open the Pack-a-Punch Portal

Once you begin one of the four rituals and killing regular zombies to power the shrine, one of the four god symbols will appear in the Center of the World above the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Repeat the previous step for all three other shrines. Depending on how you began the quest. If you killing an electric Catalyst at the Hemera Shrine, you’ll need to go to each of the three other shrines, kill an electric Catalyst, then charge the shrine with standard zombies.

Once you charge all four shrines, you can interact with the Pack-a-Punch machine to begin the final ritual. The final ritual is different for each God.

Step #5: Complete The Ritual

The final step of the ritual is different depending on which of the four gods you selecting. When you enter the P-a-P portal, you’ll begin the final ritual.

  • Charon: Fight Blightfathers with low ammo.
  • Gaia: Fight Catalyst zombies with low ammo.
  • Hemera: Fight Gegenees (6-armed bosses) with low ammo.
  • Ouranos: Fight Skeletons with low ammo.

Complete the final challenge, and you’ll exit with a powerful Exalted Hand of Charon / Gaia / Hemera / Ouranos upgrade.

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